Friday, January 25, 2008

Fighting Goliath

At the Legislative forum held in Southbury last night, many parents spoke about the unleveled playing field that they face when confronting their school on matters of parental rights and abuse of their children in school. Most of these parents are just fighting for the right to withdraw their children from public school without a hassle from a school system that has grossly neglected their children's needs.

When schools take parents to court, it is a very costly endeavor for the parents. Schools know this, but since they have the public purse at their disposal, they can continue with costly litigation while driving innocent families to bankruptcy. Families are being sued by schools in order to coerce and bully them into compliance with what the school wants in matters for which parents are supposed to have freedom of choice! You should be able to withdraw your child from a public school, especially if they are not serving the needs of your child, without the school threatening legal action!

The deep pockets of school systems, and the waste of taxpayer money on litigation against these parents acting as advocates for their children, is astounding. Taxpayers everywhere should take a look and see exactly how much money their school system spends on litigation. They should look to see why certain families are being persecuted above and beyond reason!

Every taxpaying citizen should propose, to their school board, that a cap on spending on litigation be made. Legal services that schools contract and pay for should not exceed what any average family could reasonably pay in legal fees. It just isn't right that a school pursues litigation because they have an unending well of money (your tax money) to draw from. In the meantime, lawsuits meant to coerce families and demonstrate the power of the school administration, do much to totally destroy families economically and leave them devastated. That is just plain cruel. Not only are these parents fighting to do what is right for their children's welfare, but their family's bank accounts are being raided to boot!

If school systems had to deal with a finite number of dollars in each specific case, perhaps we'd see more settlements and workable deals between schools and parents in these issues. Perhaps we wouldn't see the number of wasteful lawsuits to begin with. But most of these school systems incur costly litigation, because they CAN.

I urge every taxpayer to investigate what their local school district spends in litigation every year - and what those legal cases were for. Ask yourself if your money is being well spent, or just being used to fund some of the extreme bullying of parents that we in Connecticut have witnessed this past year.

Please know that with regard to bullying in school.. it doesn't only occur child to child.. it is school administrators against parents as well , and happens more often than you think.

Put a cap on school litigation spending - stop the bullying!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I think your last word is very telling. This shameful persecution of parents and families on the part of the schools is bullying.

I have seen school officials behave as though they own the kids, lock, stock and barrel. And although there may be ulterior motives on the part of the middle and upper management of districts, at the school level, I think it is just plain bullying.

Anonymous said...

I believe there should be some type of oversight over the superintendents and the principals and administration. Plenty of parents have complained to upper administration of the Board of Education and gotten absolutely no where and when you speak up they get worse.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the Board of Education etc. feel they are above the law. They can file false claims against parents wanting to withdraw their children from Public Schools in which the system has become more concerned about the money they are loosing per child and the politics of everything, then the education of children. Wanting to police the parents and basically control everyone. yet if a parent called in a false claim to DCF, they would be prosecuted. The law is the law for everyone. They should be presecuted also. There needs to be an oversight over the school administrations and superintendents. Maybe we should put together a map of the school districts that don't discriminate Home schooling parents,and bully the parents in their school to the point that they end up homeschooling their children, then more people will move out of the other towns, and then they will probably change their ways,after seeing it hits their budget. It is a shame that it has gotten to the point of everything being more important to the schools than the kids themselves.
They are setting the stage for school to probation pipeline effect and having everyone they choose on Antidepressant drugs. Public schools were not around first, home schooling was. Benjamin Franklin was homeschooled and many more important people.
Stop the administrative bullying of parents, because there are alot of parents of children in public schools right now that are fed up with their parental rights issues etc. being stomped on. This will definately be a big issue on the way people will be voting this year. And it has nothing to do with only religion. It has to do with parental rights and principles.