Monday, January 21, 2008

Friday I Saw My First 2008 Political Ad On TV - It Was For Obama

Connecticut is one of 22 states holding Democratic primaries on Feb. 5. Connecticut is not a swing state - nor is it important enough for candidates to even come for a visit...but that doesn't mean we won't see our share of nauseating TV propaganda. Friday I saw the first of probably many campaign ads which will run until Feb. 5th, and it was for Obama. I wasn't impressed. (By the way, the picture above was not from that ad).

The Courant even made a point of talking about this healthcare ad that is targeted to Hartford and New Haven markets. Interestingly enough former state Democrat party chairman George Jepsen had this to say: "Obama's Connecticut ad released today is unfortunately misleading by suggesting that his plan would provide universal health coverage. A number of independent experts have determined that his health care plan would leave at least 15 million Americans without health insurance." Well, I'd have to say universal health coverage would lead this country into a worse fiscal crisis and give us the substandard care, with long wait times, that Britain and Canada currently enjoy.

As for Obama's platform of "Change We Can Believe In" ...
In my opinion, that's not likely. The only change I want to see is away from statism and large nanny state government. The only change I want to see is lower taxes and lower government spending. The only change I want to see is enforcement of our immigration laws and the strengthening of protection of our borders. The only change I want to see is the strengthening of our dollar and our economy. We need to put a stop to government partnerships with the pharmaceutical industrial complex that allows mandating of screenings and treatments and disease mongering, and we need to put a stop to the march towards the loss of this country's sovereignty via the North American Union as well as other treaties and conventions coming out of the United Nations.

So far, the only one I hear talking about those types of issues and advocating for real change is Congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul.