Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Manure As A Campaign Issue

After watching some of the the CNN Democrat debate with Hillary and Obama going after each other like a couple of 5 year olds over what one or the other voted on or didn't vote on in Congress, I think I have seen enough non productive bickering for a while. (Note: Whenever my kids acted like that there were consequences)

I am also utterly disgusted by all the talk of gender,race and religion (like Mitt Romney's Mormonism and Huckabee's Evangelical leanings), as being issues in this presidential election. You'd think this country and it's presidential candidates would be mature enough to discuss real issues instead of the nonsense talk that those non-issues have created. Perhaps it is by design that the media harps on those aspects of this election rather than what the candidates should really be focusing about. After all, should we really care about Hillary's pantsuits, or what instrument the Huckster plays, or what Obama's wife said about his morning breath, or some other darn nonsense coming from Bill Clinton's mouth? (Though I gotta admit Bill's sleeping during MLK's son's speech was embarrassing, disrespectful and yet so amusing)

We will therefore be taking a humor break - although this video comes with a language alert from me: For those of you who may not like to hear the more common word for cow manure -- you can skip this next video from The Onion - although it is pretty funny and only illustrates how the public is sidetracked by non-issues in this presidential race.