Thursday, January 31, 2008

The McRomney Show

CNN did such a diservice to the American public with it's obvious biased "debate" aired last night. For whatever you may think about any of the four remaining Republican candidate's chances of becoming the Republican nominee, ALL participants should have been heard equally during that debate. Huckabee and Paul were all but ignored while the majority of the time was spent on listening to Romney and McCain bicker like foolish children. It is unfortunate that the cable media purposefully focuses all the attention on only those that THEY want you to hear from. Ron Paul was cut off repeatedly in the very few instances that he had an opportunity to speak - and both he and Mike Huckabee were skipped over for questions and not even allowed to participate in a meaningful manner.

The intentional act of ignoring Mr. Huckabee and Dr. Paul (who could have been playing a game of chess at the end of the table there while Romney and McCain argued over "who said what, when and where") was thankfully loudly protested by Mr. Huckabee. He is still waiting for his promised "shower of questions".

CNN should be ashamed of themselves. The American public deserves to hear from ALL candidates on all questions, especially before Super Tuesday. Steering the "debate" in this manner was really obvious and is one of many the reasons why many people are so fed up with the current political machine. It adds just that much more fuel to the "r3VOLution".

Ron Paul was given some six minutes of airtime AFTER the debate was over - so perhaps you might like to have a listen to what he would have said had they given him the chance to honestly debate his positions.(Sorry, you have to listen to a commercial before the interview on this CNN video)

I know that sometimes things in life "aren't fair" - but this is America, and the fact that the American people are being fed the illusion that there is fairness and choice is very disturbing. Pile that on top of cries of voter machine fraud, and media manipulation and control of what the everyday Joe sees and hears, is even that much more alarming.

Do you really know the candidate that you will be casting a ballot for? Or do you only know what you have seen on cable news media? Thank goodness we still have the Internet where you can search for all kinds of information on your own terms.