Thursday, January 31, 2008

The McRomney Show

CNN did such a diservice to the American public with it's obvious biased "debate" aired last night. For whatever you may think about any of the four remaining Republican candidate's chances of becoming the Republican nominee, ALL participants should have been heard equally during that debate. Huckabee and Paul were all but ignored while the majority of the time was spent on listening to Romney and McCain bicker like foolish children. It is unfortunate that the cable media purposefully focuses all the attention on only those that THEY want you to hear from. Ron Paul was cut off repeatedly in the very few instances that he had an opportunity to speak - and both he and Mike Huckabee were skipped over for questions and not even allowed to participate in a meaningful manner.

The intentional act of ignoring Mr. Huckabee and Dr. Paul (who could have been playing a game of chess at the end of the table there while Romney and McCain argued over "who said what, when and where") was thankfully loudly protested by Mr. Huckabee. He is still waiting for his promised "shower of questions".

CNN should be ashamed of themselves. The American public deserves to hear from ALL candidates on all questions, especially before Super Tuesday. Steering the "debate" in this manner was really obvious and is one of many the reasons why many people are so fed up with the current political machine. It adds just that much more fuel to the "r3VOLution".

Ron Paul was given some six minutes of airtime AFTER the debate was over - so perhaps you might like to have a listen to what he would have said had they given him the chance to honestly debate his positions.(Sorry, you have to listen to a commercial before the interview on this CNN video)

I know that sometimes things in life "aren't fair" - but this is America, and the fact that the American people are being fed the illusion that there is fairness and choice is very disturbing. Pile that on top of cries of voter machine fraud, and media manipulation and control of what the everyday Joe sees and hears, is even that much more alarming.

Do you really know the candidate that you will be casting a ballot for? Or do you only know what you have seen on cable news media? Thank goodness we still have the Internet where you can search for all kinds of information on your own terms.


Amie said...

It's infuriating.

Heather_in_WI said...

Argh! Don't get me started.


Irdial said...

Once we accept that there is bias, the next question is who has ordered this bias? The editors of CNN control what goes out, so why have they done this and who told them to do it?

This bias runs across all american media identically, not just CNN, so is there a hidden hand behind it all?

These are the questions any rational person would immediately ask, and yet, if you articulate these questions, which are entirely sound and legitimate, your peers will brand you as a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Its interesting isn't it?

As far as I am concerned, there are no conspiracy theorists; there are only people with the facts and people who do not have the facts.

There is no coordinated effort without a coordinator. The media is under the control of a group of people who are trying to manipulate the american public.

We have enough time to alert everyone to Ron Paul and his message thanks to the internets. What everyone has to ask themselves is, 'have I done enough'.

If you have sons and you do not want them to be drafted, you had better do more.

If you do not want your savings to disappear into nothing thanks to hyper inflation, you had better do more.

If you do not want america to be subsumed into a North American Union, you had better do more.

Or get ready to move out of the country, with all your assets, including your house, converted to gold bullion.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Judy, I honestly cannot bear to watch it all anymore.

Did you see the remake of The Manchurian Candidate? Everything is staged, made-up and unreal. It feels like an election season in Las Vegas.

Do any of these media darlings have a clue as to what to do when reality bites?

Judy Aron said...

Yes - I just got the Manchurian Candidate from the library - wow..
people ought to watch that one.

The King said...

I hate to be the sole dissenter here, but you have to ask ... so what?

I thought Ron Paul's participation in the Fox debate was all I needed to see to see him as "on the fringes" and out of it to be taken seriously. He had one shot to show America he was a reasonable, articulate, convincing candidate and he failed miserably. His message didn't resonate. I know some of you love Ron Paul. But you have to accept the reality that he's got less than 2% and its time for him to get out.

Conservatives, like myself (and I know you guys on here are more Libertarian flavor) do not look forward to a McCain nomination. And as far as I'm concerned, a vote for Ron Paul may indeed be a vote for Ron Paul, but its also a vote for John McCain.

None of these candidates are wonderful. In fact, the field is the most disappointing field in probably a century, Ron Paul included. It seems our best and brightest either don't want this job or don't want to go through the BS it takes to get it.

The truth is, no one was going to listen to Ron Paul's talk and all of a sudden in record numbers of thouands suddenly switch alligence to him. We want to see the liberal wing and the conservative wing of the Republican Party duke it out.

If McCain wins the nomination, the Ron Paul crowd can happily claim that they've had an impact. Then what? Sit at home and surrender the White House to Hillary, or hold our noses and vote for the biggest liberal collaborator in history of the Republican Party?

What a choice.

Judy Aron said...

King - And you think Romney represents the Conservative wing? Get real. He's as liberal as McCain.

Sorry - but you can vote for who the media has chosen you to see and hear..I am voting for the guy who matches my convictions and who is a true Republican.

You do not seem to understand that between Hillary Obama McCain or Romney there is very little difference. Very little, amounting to only the R or D after their name.

Blueberry said...

I have decided, after a month of searching, reading, listening, and watching, that the only candidate I can vote for with a clear conscience is Ron Paul. Let me emphasis "clear conscience".

I am compelled to cast my vote according to my convictions without fear. To do anything else is caving to just that.

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

The King said...

Judy, that's simply not true. And you know better than that. Romney has his faults, but John McCain is far more liberal than Mitt Romney. McCain has a Senate record that is of deep concern to us fiscal conservatives.

I know you are in the Ron Paul crowd, so not much that I write will convince you to switch your support. That's fine. You are entilted to cast as you wish. Alone, I cannot vote for Ron Paul - based on of all things - a moral issue - his stance on Iraq is in line with the liberals. His plan would give Al Queda ground that we've won with US blood. I think you should devote some time on this issue which is far more critical to the Nation's security than most others; and far more important than his home schooling stance.

Judy Aron said...

Actually King - I have issues with Paul's homeschooling stance because I do NOT believe homeschoolers should be given tax credits - it opens the door for the IRS to determine who is and who isn't a homeschooler - so this for me is not about homeschooling at all.

I am surprised, knowing you personally, that you would think that I would be so narrow in my scope to choose a candidate based solely on his homeschooling views.

Be that as it may, yes McCain is far more liberal - but Romney has a good dose of liberalism as well. To suggest that he doesn't is a misrepresentation.

Romney is very soft on 2nd amendment rights, he is one to raise taxes, and he will keep us in wars that we should not be engaged in. He cannot seem to keep to any one view regarding same sex marriage or abortion and he continually flip flops on other issues. He'll say what people want to hear. He has even attacked the Boy Scouts and prevented them from participating in the Olympics.While in office in Massachusetts the Republican party lost 30,000 people.

You can hold your nose and vote for him as the lesser of two evils - but not me... and as for the war in Iraq - his stance might be in line with Liberals but based on the evidence it happens to be logical... or are we now doing, and paying for, the police work that the UN and other world nations should be doing?

The King said...

Judy, for years we've been paying for the world's problems. At least its limited to where we have a national interest. The Jesse Jacksons and Hillary Clintons would have us building housing complexes in Africa if they could.

The UN is a joke. You know this. How many leaders sitting at the table in their fancy hats came to power through democratic means? The UN with the exception of a few subcommittees on health and technology. Only one organization means anything.... NATO. And if you've been reading the news, you've probably seen that NATO has been somewhat resurrected since Putin mask is falling off.

I hope you would not take my words personally. You and I agree on more than disagree. National security is critical, so is not allowing our boys to have died in vain "over there" in the hellzone.

I just cannot and will not allow myself to be caught up in the counter-productive talk of "sitting this one out to teach my party a lesson." And I'm not saying that you've committed to this line of thinking. We need to defeat Clinton/Obama in November, come what may.

I'm supporting Romney over McCain as a legitimate choice. My email to the group outlines my total disatisfacton with the pool of candidates we ran this cycle. Pathetic. And there was plenty of time to get organized too.

I know you are voting for Ron Paul. That's fine even if he is in low single digits with no hope of victory. I still say a better choice is to vote for Romney, if not to elect him, then to show McCain that conservatives (and even libertarians) demand some consessions if he wants our support in November.

Now granted I'm going to vote Republican regardless. Not to turn tail on my conservative convictions, but because of all else... I will not sit out and let Hillary or Obama (or both) take the White House.

There is a big difference between McCain and Clinton by the way... we can debate this if you'd like.... Let's start with Healthcare. Go ahead, tell me how they are similiar on this issue.

Judy Aron said...

King - Just because we have been paying for the world's problems for years is no justification to continue - and in fact we have no business to do so. Apparently you believe we do - in the name of "national security".

If we truly want to be safe then we ought to stay out of the affairs of other countries and secure our own borders. How's that for change.

This race is not just about stopping Obama or Hillary, and I am not so sure that McCain or Romney could even do that. This country is at a fork in the road. They can choose Socialism and tyranny or they can choose Constitutionalism and Liberty. I choose the latter and that is why I am voting for Ron Paul.

Sorry - but this time around I am not compromising my convictions - been there done that enough times and ended up with a liberal Dem or a liberal Republican anyway. It's still a loss. I refuse to once again choose the lesser of two evils and actually - the RNC and the media have already chosen for you anyway, so it doesn't much matter what you do in the voting booth my friend.

The revolution has begun - more people will be voting their conscience and when things get really bad around here perhaps people will wake up and smell the tyranny.