Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ron Paul - 2nd Place In Nevada!!!

Despite being ignored by cable TV news, Ron Paul comes in 2nd in Nevada...
The media refuses to give him air time (yet they talk about candidates who have raised less money and have done worse in the polls)- they cut out his comments from rebroadcasts of debates, reports were that they cut his ear piece during the debates so he cannot hear the questions, all because they are trying desperately to suppress his message to the American people. The media is manipulating this election (as usual) but Dr. Paul's message of liberty and freedom is getting out.

LA Times Report

Caucus results

Now is the time to show your support - Martin Luther King Money Bomb


Silvia said...

Yeah! Doing a happy dance. :)

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the ONLY candatate who is for the people. Others cater to big corporate elites and who have our elected officials in their back pocket!!

Check out and see

Ron Paul is a Doctor who has delivered over 4000 babies. He is a 10 term congressman with principles. He is against nation building and policing the world. He is against the Iraq war, and was against it from the start.
He is FOR restoring the constitution!!
In times like these, economiclly, he sees a need to abloish the federal income tax. He knows the Government has spent us into ruin.
He wants to build America up, not tear it down!
He wants secure borders because we can not afford the services and jobs that are going to illegal aliens.
He wants to appeal Nafta, cafta, Gatt!
Ron Paul, Hope for America!!

Isaiah5513 said...

You're going to hate me.
R got 51%!?!?!? of the votes though.
He can come in second for all the rest of the states and he'll still never get the nomination.
Is this a sign that his popularity is growing? I'm hopeful, but skeptical.