Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ron Paul Wins Saturday Middletown Straw Poll - Even Over Hillary Clinton!

Middletown’s Holy Trinity Church was the venue for the 2nd night of straw polling held in Middletown, CT. In a crowd of about 75 present, people voted on ballots fore first, second and third choices of all the candidates. After all the votes were counted, Ron Paul came in first in all three ballots.

Results of the Jan. 26 Middletown Straw Poll:
First Ballot:
Romney - 2%
McCain - 2%
Obama - 20%
Clinton - 30%
Paul - 42%

Second Ballot:
Obama - 22%
Clinton - 32%
Paul - 42%

Third Ballot
Clinton - 42%
Paul - 46%

Detailed coverage of this event is over at Right of Middle.
Secretary of State, Susan Bysiewicz, even graced us with her presence.

Oh and by the way, here's more great news from the Ron Paul campaign:
Alabama Republican Assembly Endorses Ron Paul

After taking second place in Nevada - The Paul campaign took 2nd in Louisiana - although that was after some shenanigans after Dr. Paul took first place there. The caucus vote is being hotly disputed because of many irregularities.


Anonymous said...

Lets just hope Romney never gets in. From what I heard him say. "We test all our children". We don't need someone getting in that will put more testing etc. regulations. Don't we have enough people trying to interfere with parental rights etc.

The King said...

This story about the straw poll in Middletown is silly. You know its not represetative of anything but an organized attempt to make Ron Paul look legitimate. Which is really not the case.

On the contrary, conservatives are pulling for Romney over the rest of the field. The Ron Paul vote is a vote for McCain. If McCain gets in, the damage to the party will be disasterous, and it will take years and years to reverse.

Time for Ron Paul to do the noble thing... halt his campaign, and stop aiding McCain and the liberal branch of the Republican Party.

Judy Aron said...

Excuse me King - but what makes your candidate any more legitimate than mine? The Middletown straw poll was not any organized attempt by anyone to show anyone's "legitimacy" it was a straw poll - period.

Please know that I respect that you have found a candidate that you like. That's democracy. You don't agree with my candidate - fine - it's still your right to do so.

In case you haven't noticed - the news media is choosing your candidate for you, thanks to the skewed and biased media coverage put out by the multinational corporations that own the media networks. They don't like Ron Paul because he is a threat to their world. I support Ron Paul because he is a true Republican. This time around people like me refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. It is time to take this country back.

McCain or Romney - no difference. They are both liberals, only one is from DC and the other is a "businessman". They will both be disasters for this country and it's economy. Romney has increased taxes in Massachusetts, forced medical coverage on it's citizens, and he is a globalist who welcomes our jobs moving to other countries and who will cater to big business, while continuing to bankrupt this country in the Iraqi civil war. The only opinions that he has are the ones which the polls tell him to have - He is a populist. Me and many thousands like me are not going to support a populist.

I have found a candidate that I believe truly represents Conservative Republican values and supports the Constitution. A vote for him is a vote for him - period.

If you don't want McCain in office - and neither do I - then we must support Conservatives like Ron Paul and tell other people to do the same.

The noble thing for Ron Paul to do is to take this to the end - which he will do - and to convince people that he is the best man for the presidency - which he is doing.

You seem to forget that he has raised more money than any other Republican candidate in the 4th quarter (20 million dollars) - had the biggest one day fundraising of any candidate EVER (6 million dollars) and has come in second in Nevada and Louisiana. He has beat the likes of Giuliani in every race. He sure damn well is legitimate, and just because you and Faux News and CNN don't seem to think so is just tough, because his supporters are out there and the message of Freedom and Liberty is getting out, and his support is ever growing.

If you don't want McCain in the White House - then don't vote for him - but don't blame me if he gets elected - blame those uninformed people who are supporting him.

Amie said...

This media blackout of Ron Paul is SO frustrating!

The King said...

Judy, how many people actually participated in the Middletown Straw Poll? C'mon now. Let's be serious.

This claim of a Ron Paul blackout is total BS. I've seen him on CSPAN giving speeches, in TV Interviews, on Fox, on CNN, and even on radio shows. We get plenty of Ron Paul. Plenty. He comes across as inarticulate, old, and out of step. He makes a few burst of policy points, but that's about it. Policy matters, but so does electability. We can't nominate a person who gets laughed off the debate stage.

At this point, Judy, you need to see where this is all going. I'm happy he raised 20 million dollars. But he's in the toliet on delegates and votes. The writing is on the wall.

Judy Aron said...

So then I take it that you dispute the validity of any straw poll - fine you can do that. There were 75 people there. It's a sampling. No different then any other poll.

No the blackout is real - he is not included in many reports along with other candidates. It's very obvious. And laughing him off the debate stage is how the corporate media try to minimize him. Like it or not he does have a huge following - he won 2nd place in Nevada and Louisiana - did they report on that? No not really. he has beat Giuliani everywhere except Florida where Paul did little campaigning. They are trying to make him completely invisible, because the corporate media see him as a threat.

You have your right to your opinion on his electibility - but in truth he is the only real Republican running, and definitely NOT out of step. Tell me how as a Republican he is out of step - I dare you.
Tell me one point in his platform of what he has been saying that is out of step with true Republican principles.

Yeah - I see where it is going King - the Dems will win another race yet again because Republicans don't have the balls to be Republicans.