Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Whatever Happened With New Hampshire Recounts?

The "Live Free or Die" State may have to change it's motto to "Live Free or Diebold".

Voting disparities have been found and even if the miscounts don't change anything significantly - the chain of custody is more to be something to be concerned about. What good are paper ballots that are supposed to be the "audit trail" if they are in a position to be tampered with? One report says this:
New Hampshire is unable to document its chain of custody properly, lacks written procedures, its secretary of state has said he doesn't know where its memory cards are, and LHS has been encroaching on state elections with near-total control.
There's much more to be read here as it is documented by Bev Harris.
If you are really interested you can see the official recounts as posted by the New Hampshire Secretary of the State.

On another note... it looks like Maryland is scrapping it's multimillion dollar touchscreen system.
Less than eight years later - after taxpayers in Maryland and other states spent hundreds of millions on easy-to-use, all-electronic, touch-screen voting machines - the debate has come full circle.

Fear of hackers and lost votes that can never be recovered is forcing out the new technology and giving new life to old-fashioned scanning machines that read tried-and-true paper ballots.

By 2010, four years before its $65 million touch-screen machines will be paid off, Maryland expects to be back on the paper trail, following states such as Florida and California, which have also decided that all-electronic systems make it too easy to compromise elections.

This week, Gov. Martin O'Malley proposed an initial outlay of $6.8 million toward the purchase of optical-scan machines, which will eventually cost $20 million. Lawmakers approved a return to the machines last year, but only if the governor could come up with the money.

Oh well... it's only taxpayer money ... right?

(H/T Chad T.)