Monday, January 7, 2008

What Is Fox News Afraid Of?

It is appalling that Fox News excludes presidential candidates from their debates and other stations exclude him from coverage! This nation better wake up to the fact that the media is manipulating our elections. Are you going to let media outlets like Fox News tell YOU who is an important candidate and who is not?

How can they deny that Ron Paul is important when he has raised more money than any other republican candidate last quarter (19.5 million!) and has gotten more votes candidates like Rudy Giuliani in Iowa? So what is their justification for excluding Ron Paul from Sunday night's debate and including others who have garnered less votes in Iowa and have raised less money? In a New Hampshire poll, released prior to the Fox debate, Ron Paul received 10 times as much support as Fred Thompson—whom Fox included in the debate. Rasmussen has Ron Paul polling at 14% (third place) now in New Hampshire.

So what the heck kind of media censorship are we seeing in this country ??

What exactly are the news outlets, like Fox, afraid of?

Are they afraid that his message is resonating with young people - and has cut across all party lines? Are they afraid to present opposing views - or even views that really represent the CHANGE they have been gushing about, or do they just want to use change as a buzzword and sound byte? Are they afraid that people might actually agree with Dr. Paul's positions on the issues?

Moreover, how do we as a country tolerate having the media define for us who we ought to be hearing, reading about and examining their platform?

How do we encourage people to become informed voters if news outlets are purposely excluding candidates from the public?

Think about it.

If you don't want the media to totally define the information that you are learning about candidates then check them out on your own. Read what candidates like Ron Paul are really saying, and look at the candidates videos on YouTube. Don't allow the media to interpret the messages for you. Instead of attending the Fox Debate - Dr. Paul held his own Town Hall forum Town Hall Forum Part 1 and Part 2.

I had the fortunate opportunity to be in New Hampshire this past weekend at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum (pictures will follow later this week) and I saw Ron Paul speak. He was brilliant. He knows more about monetary policy and speaks more in depth about the issues then any of the other candidates. I also met Barry Goldwater, Jr. who is helping Ron Paul campaign. Dr. Paul spoke to a packed ballroom of about 550 people, with even more people outside. His message was one of common sense. Quite simply, we have strayed from our Founders' intentions and that is why our dollar is falling, and we are saddled with outrageous deficits, and headed for huge monetary problems.

This weekend I also was in the company of Tom Ridge, and even bumped into John McCain who was staying at our hotel. McCain just stood there like a bobble-headed doll saying "Hi" to people. I wished I had time to ask him about illegal immigration and the border fence. He traveled in this monstrous tour bus - while Dr. Paul had a small and much less ostentatious vehicle. McCain's staffers complained that there were people at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, held at our Crowne Plaza hotel,who had holstered guns, even though they were law abiding people and not causing any harm or problems. Apparently McCain's people have a problem with people exercising their second amendment rights. Gee whiz, perhaps those folks ought to have charged McCain for the extra security they provided at the hotel!

I have got to tell you the Ron Paul supporters are making an incredible showing and are EVERYWHERE! The signs are all over - and yet the media purposely excludes him from coverage (although since he was excluded from the Fox debate Wolf Blitzer had a nice interview and so did Kiran Chetry). We are beginning to see that the polling numbers do not tell the whole story because many of his supporters just have cell phones and are not included in the numbers. His support is growing despite media outlets like Fox.

Fox - Fair and Unbalanced? They report YOU decide. I don't think so, and you just might want to consider getting your news from the Internet or some other news source rather than have it selected and pre-packaged for you by media giants.

The media should NOT decide for the people.

UPDATE: Check out this snippy Fox video interview of Barry Goldwater Jr. I am glad to see Goldwater give it to them.