Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (Pronounced /bəˈɹɑːk huˈseɪn oʊˈbɑːmə/;>) Wiki

Cunnigham apparently just did what he was told to do.
"They told me to fire up the crowd. You're talking to conservatives," Cunningham said of pre-rally advice from the McCain campaign. "Get them fired up and give them some red meat. And I did. In fact, when I left, John, the crowd was cheering. All was well. No problem whatsoever until about an hour later . . . when John McCain threw me under the bus, under the Straight Talk Express. I got thrown under the bus."
John McCain apologized for comments about Barack Obama made by talk radio host (and obvious loose cannon and fellow fear mongerer) Bill Cunningham at a McCain campaign rally in Cincinnati. More here.

Cunningham ended up endorsing Hillary afterwards.

Memo to John McCain: If you want to apologize for something, apologize for not being a true Conservative. Apologize for not upholding the Constitution. Apologize for telling Cunningham to say what you instructed him to say.

Uggg... Obama, Clinton, McCain... not one candidate here worth voting for!
What a circus this election is.


bhartman36 said...

"Get them fired up and give them some red meat." doesn't necessarily mean giving them an 1984-style Two Minutes Hate with the kind of innuendo Cunningham was using. (How many times does Obama have to reiterate that he's not a Muslim, anyway?)

Cunningham's remarks were incredibly ill-advised -- whether the crowd cheered or not. There are plenty of ways to attack Obama and give the crowd "red meat" without sinking to that ridiculous level.

Robert S. said...

Referring to Obama's middle name repeatedly is not cheerleading; it's a juvenile and transparent attempt at race-baiting.

And McCain - and any other politician on either side of the political fence - certainly does have the right to criticize individuals on their own side for being juvenile delinquents.

Cunningham - and those who would support him in this - should simply grow up.

Anonymous said...

At least Hussein isn't some faggoty girly middle name like Sidney. Really? John Sidney McCain III?

BigSherm7 said...

Please forgive me if I believe that this is the beginning of Republican Dirty Tricks, and that McCain had an idea that something like this would happen. Obamablog with me at www.shermancrockett.com/blog

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger, you're an idiot. Anyone with more than three functioning brain cells understands that this complete moron, Cunningham, was attempting to associate Obama = Muslim = Osama. It's Swift Boat tactics for 2008 and nothing more.

McCain was right to condemn CunningHAM - or is that CunningHACK? I don't think the Senator is finished with him either. Cunningham is probably about to find himself without a mouthpiece anywhere but at a KKK rally.

A REAL Republican

Judy Aron said...

Hey anonymous(12:17 PM) - No where do I support Cunningham's comments and I am fully aware of the association Cunningham was making. The whole Conservative movement at this point in time is a disgrace and if you are a REAL Republican tell me what it is you are personally doing to get the Republican party back to the ideals they are supposed to represent? And being that McCain's campaign allowed this type of a crowd warm-up to occur in the first place gives you a clue. It's not like they weren't aware of Cunningham's type of rhetoric. As far as I am concerned McCain's apology was empty and self-serving. Anyone with three functioning brain cells can see that. Cunningham and McCain certainly don't represent REAL Republicans.

By the way - name calling is juvenile. Is that what REAL Republicans do - especially while hiding behind anonymity? Perhaps that's why this party is in the state that it is in.

Anonymous said...

Why are people so fired up just because the man emphasized the complete name of Obama! Are you concerned that some people might have some ideas? ideas that you might be afraid would make them turn against Obama? If those ideas are not in your head or their heads, you should not be concerned. However, considering that voters have shown a preference based on emotions rather than intelligence, then you probably have a good reason to be concerned. How I wish that concern is for our nation and the world!

Anonymous said...

It's getting racial from both McCain and Clinton camps. It's a shame that after 400 years, things are still the same. When all else fails, "Play the race card" I pray for and support Barak Obama. Oh yeah, I know his middle name and his mother was a white woman from Kansas!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason he doesnt want his full name talked about, is that his Church named Farrakhan Man of the Year. (Nation of Islam)

He backed away from Farrakhan, now how about backing away from the "Christian" church that supports that kind of biggot?

Anonymous said...

McCain has class. Cunningham has none. If you want to get people fired up, attack Obama's policy agenda (which I happen to agree with) not his name or ethnic heritage. Obama's critics seem intent on dancing on the razor's edge of what in my mind constitutes incitement of racial hatred.

This has no place in a civilized society, much less in a presidential race. Thank you Sen. McCain for distancing yourself from this tactic.

Anonymous said...

Would you guys like some cheese with that wine? Dang. The man was told to do what he did. Not like it was any surprise what would come out of his mouth. So let me get this straight, We can't say the "N" word and now we can't say any middle name of any Democrat. Cause if we do, than we will be hung up by our thumbs. Nice, real nice. What happen to freedome of speach? Oh thats right, only a few have those rights. White America doesn't! Give me a break. Cry babys!

Tom said...

McCain was right to distance himself from that. A man of his integrity would much rather have a debate on the policies of Obama than resort to personal insults. It wasn't just the middle name that was cause for concern, but all the other things that were said. The fact of the matter is that McCain will win if he sticks to a policy debate and shows Obama for what he is - a liberal / borderline socialist.