Friday, February 1, 2008

CT Homeschool Pride And Lobby Day - February 6

Legislative Forum and Opening Day of the Connecticut General Assembly. Come meet your CT General Assembly Representatives!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008, at 9:00 am
(Official time of the initial Press Conference)

Legislative Office Building
Room 2E
Hartford, CT

We encourage every CT homeschooler to attend this important event!

Parents have this opportunity on opening day of the session to connect with their own legislators and speak to them about their successes and any other issues they have. A face-to-face meeting between a legislator and a homeschooling family gives the legislator the opportunity to see firsthand the positive benefits of homeschooling. Informed homeschooling constituents who meet with and demonstrate interest in their legislator's activities provide that legislator with reasons to vote in favor of maintaining homeschool freedom.

There will be no hearings or sitting around. This is a chance to attend a press conference - speak to your legislators, tour the building and it could be a great way to teach civics to the kids. In addition to protecting your freedom, this provides a great opportunity to your children for a field trip to learn about state government and how laws are made in Connecticut.

There will tables in the indoor Concourse area (that's the underground walkway between the LOB and the capitol Building near where the flat escalator is) available to display homeschoolers’ projects.

State Representative Arthur O'Neill has arranged for tours of the Capitol Building. Contact Jake Bookwalter 1-800-842-1423 or email