Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CT Homeschoolers At The State Capitol Today

To help Rep. Arthur O'Neill (R, Southbury) announce proposed legislation entitled Parent's Rights Protection that says this:
In accordance with the provisions of section 10-184, When a parent or guardian of a child provides by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the principal of the school that the child attends or to the superintendent of the local or regional board of education, written notice originated by and signed by the parent or guardian of a child stating that the parent or guardian is withdrawing the child from enrollment in a public school and will provide instruction for the child as required pursuant to section 10-184, the principal of the school that the child attends or the local or regional board of education shall accept such notice and shall deem the child withdrawn from enrollment in the public school immediately upon receipt of such notice.
Parents in CT want to know:
Why is the State Department of Education
• Giving school districts incorrect information?
• Mandating compliance with a Suggested Procedure?
• Dictating to parents arbitrary conditions in order to withdraw their children?
• Saying that only the school can determine when a child is no longer enrolled?
• Encouraging referrals to DCF if parents do not choose to comply with arbitrary demands?

Why has the Education Committee of the CT Legislature ignored this problem for the past 6 years?

Because of the Abuse of Authority that is allowed to continue there are
Tax Dollars Wasted:
- On Expensive Litigation
- On False Reports To DCF
1. Causing Wasted Time And Effort For DCF Workers
2. Pulling Resources Away From Legitimate Cases
- On School Administrative Time Spent On Pursuing Innocent Parents

Parents Burdened With Unnecessary
- Legal Expenses
- Family Trauma
- DCF Record That Is Not Easily Expunged

It's time something is done about this, and all parents and legislators across CT should join in to support Rep. O'Neill's bill that will protect a parent's right to withdraw their child from school unconditionally. The school does not have the right to be the deciding party as to when a child is disenrolled from school, and when a parent writes a letter to the school withdrawing their child from school it should be honored and not ignored.