Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great National Nightmare Is Over!

Yes - The Writers will be heading back to work!

The Writers Guild has reached an agreement and we can now look forward to more episodes of The Office and Lost and whatever your favorite shows are. No longer will we be subjected to re-runs and old episodes of Andy Griffith or Dharma and Greg. We can cease reading books and speaking with our families - because now we will have new TV shows to watch! Heck, we can even stop watching cable TV "news" and their ad nauseum analysis of why Hillary is failing to stop Obamamania.

Glory Be!

(Has it really been three months? - I honestly couldn't have cared less, from the standpoint that I don't watch much TV anyway - but I'll admit my favorites are Monk and Psych)


christinemm said...

I haven't noticed any change in anything since the strike. And I do watch some television. If someone can tell me what changed, I'm curious.

Blueberry said...

LOL! I haven't even noticed a thing, however I remember hearing the news on the radio report all about the "gnashing of teeth" regarding the strike.

I haven't seen Monk, maybe I'll check it out someday when I'm bored.

Headless Horseman said...

After Jay Leno's fourth unscripted belching contest during one show, I missed the writers for a brief moment.

These Hollywood types have no concept of the real working world. They deserve a little of what Reagan gave the air traffic controllers (people who were... incidentally... much more significant than TV writers...)

Linda said...

LOL....Monk and Psych...two of our favorites as well!