Monday, February 25, 2008

Julian Schnabel Is My Cousin

If you watched the Oscars you saw, and heard mention of, my cousin Julian Schnabel. He is a film director and an artist. Most of the Schnabels in my family are stout, sport a full head of hair, and are very intense and very smart. Genetics is such an interesting aspect of family. Family trees are fascinating history as well.

His great grandparents Gittel (nee Bressler) and Jerome Schnabel (whom I am named after and who Julian is also most likely named after) were also my great grandparents. Jerome Schnabel had red hair like me. I understand he was quite a businessman too.

Here is Gittel (on the left), and my mother, Roslyn Theodore nee Newman (on the right) in the park in NYC after my mother's graduation. Gittel was my mother's grandmother. Gittel lived with my mother and my grandmother, Ethel Newman, nee Schnabel, for a time in NYC. My grandmother brought her mother, Gittel, to this country from Czechoslovakia/Hungary in the late 20's or early 30's.

I saw Julian last at the funeral of his mother Esther Schnabel in 2002 in Cromwell, CT. We got to talk for a bit and connect.

I remember his parents visiting my grandparents when I was just a teenager, and they had pictures of Julian's early work. He certainly is an interesting person, and if he ever reads this I'd like to say Hi! Call me sometime. I have some old photographs of your father when he was a kid.


John said...

Is Julian Schnabel related to the great German pianist Artur Schnabel? His son Stefan lived for many years in Rowayton and was a close friend of mine and my family. He was a successful Broadway and film actor. John Leavitt,

Judy Aron said...

Gee - no I don't think so - I never heard of an Artur Schnabel in our family tree. Our Schnabel family hails from Czechoslovakia/Hungary and many of them were murdered during the Holocaust. We lost half of our family in Hitler's ovens.

John said...

Artur was born in Poland and Jewish.

Your Julian's picture reminded me of Stefan. J

Judy Aron said...

Interesting - and since I don't have any family records that go beyond my great grandfather Jerome Schnabel - it might be possible that there is some connection..I mean I don't know the names of Jerome Schnabel's siblings or fathers siblings.
The article that you put on your comment also doesn't say much about Artur's family tree. Was Artur Jewish?

John said...

Wikipedia says he was Jewish and mentions his actor son Stefan, our friend, who lived in Rowayton.

Anonymous said...

Is Julian Schnabel related to Kurt Julius Schnabel of Leipzig?

Mila Rechcigl said...

Artur Schnabel is also of Czech origin. He was born in Lipnik, Moravia, which is part of today's Czech Republic