Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney's Suspended

Now he can sit home and tell his grandkids how he gave up "for the good of the party". How noble. So many primaries to go - so many delegates to have won.
And this is supposed to unify the Republican party?
Someone offered him a deal no doubt.
Now the media can have the McCain show 24/7.

The primaries are not even over, and we are being shuffled off to the general election, and McCain had not even won the majority of delegates yet! Delegates are still in play and can be traded like livestock. But Romney's leaving is a real shame because now it really limits people's choice.

The McCain presidency is being shoved down the public's throat. The media will hardly mention the two other Republicans still in the race. It'll be an Obama/McCain race from now on. The whole scenario kind of reminds me of when Christmas stuff is displayed before Halloween is even celebrated.

I would like to point out one thing with regard to Ron Paul and Huckabee: I hope they stay in the race. I know Paul has said that as long as he has supporters that he will stay in. One article for Huckabee, which serves as a reminder of how things could turn out, said this:
In the 1860 Republican Convention, William H. Seward of NY entered the convention with a plurality of delegates, but not a majority. Abraham Lincoln entered the convention considerably behind in delegates, but it turned out on the third round of voting, the dark horse candidate, Lincoln got his party's nomination and the rest, as they say, is history. Some have suggested that Lincoln won on the strength of his support from West Virginia, which wanted a strong candidate so they could take a stand for the Union.

Could history repeat itself in 2008? If neither leading candidate in the Republican race, McCain and Romney, can lock down a clear majority before the convention, we could have a brokered convention where, like West Virginia today, the candidate who comes with the most delegates, but not a majority, may not be able to get a majority and the most acceptable candidate could be the dark horse...
Sometimes I think people just give up and give in way too easily. Whatever happened to perserverence? So far, Paul and Huckabee have shown that necessary presidential trait along with a little respect for their supporters thrown in.

Looks to me like Romney just thumbed his nose at everyone who voted for him.
No surprise here.