Sunday, February 3, 2008

So Who Is Your Neighbor Funding?

Spying on your neighbors takes on a political twist...

Gee whiz - now you can find out how much money your neighbors are donating to their favorite candidate. Go ahead, type in your zip code and see what pops up. (You know you want to... LOL)

Well - It is all public information.


The King said...

Wow. Not a dime from my street. But I know how the majority are registered and how they vote.

At least the commie-libs didn't see a RED cent.

Susan said...

I do want to know...I do want to know. Guess I could just ask my dad what 'the boys' are saying over coffee at the elevator.

Wow! All Ron Pauls in our little farm town. :-)

Signed Nosy Neighbor :-)