Friday, February 8, 2008

States With Primaries To Come Have Been Cheated

The Main Stream Media has done a hatchet job on the field of candidates, both Democrat and Republican. With the way they have skewed their reports and left names of candidates off of polls and other reports, and "analyzed" and "predicted" everything for the people, they have left us with little choice in the end. They know that what they purposefully say and how they say it influences how people will vote, and it also influences the decision of candidates to remain in the race.

What is really a travesty here is that the remaining primary states are left with little choice at all. The media and even the candidates have left them in the dust while the general election now seems to be underway. The later states didn't even have a chance to speak. I'd say that is a violation of those remaining state's right to vote. It is an obstruction to their right to vote for the candidate that they believe in and have it really matter. No wonder people are feeling very disenfranchised! They are being told to shut up and support someone else "for the good of the party". That is plain hogwash! Quite frankly, this "party unity" line is getting as old as "change" and it is very over-rated.

Now I know that no one cannot force a candidate to stay in a race - but I would imagine that if we all got a chance to vote for a candidate based on just the facts of their voting record - their stance on issues - their performance in debates and not what Wolf Blitzer or Sean Hannity or Tim Russert had to say, that things might be a bit different. This is where government education has succeeded - most people seem to be having trouble thinking for themselves and making their own analysis. They are apt to go with the crowd and if the crowd says that it is time to support Obama or McCain - they follow suit.

There are some out there who will stick to their convictions, and that is encouraging, but unfortunately now they do not even have a chance to cast a vote without being guilted or ridiculed into changing that vote. The media and party leaders will be there to tell them that unless they support another candidate their vote is a "wasted vote". That is how much people and their opinion and choice are being marginalized.

But also what about the back door deals that are being made? Perhaps Romney was offered a deal to exit... is that fair to people who supported his bid for the presidency? Does the RNC (or anyone else for that matter) have the right to lure candidates out of the race so their preferred candidate gets smoother sailing? Well, maybe they have the right - but is it fair and ethical?

Never mind that - what about the financial implications? Suppose you donated money to Romney or Giuliani or Edwards, and you are in a state where you haven't even voted for them... that seems a bit fraudulent on some level. People supported them in good faith and now they've been abandoned.

Isn't it amazing that we cannot even have a complete primary season without candidate manipulation to drop out? The folks in the remaining primaries should be fuming angry that their choices have been removed... and to them I say write and call the FEC and file a complaint today!

Federal Election Commission, 999 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20463 (800) 424-9530 In Washington (202) 694-1000

From 8:30AM-5:30PM ET

I was lucky to be able to vote for the person that I supported, and it's a sham(e) that others will not be so fortunate.


Amie said...

You know,that is such a good point! I never thought of this angle before.

Anonymous said...

If Ron Paul is the choice of college students and twenty-somethings (including those who have to fight the wars and provide for the old age of baby boomers...with fewer liberties than any American generation has ever known...) why don't we just let the hippie generation get out of the way?

This generation has ruined our government, our schools, our churches, our families, our freedoms, and our money. Not to mention the mess they've made around the world.

I don't see why we should allow this generation to keep calling the shots until they are all 80 years old. Those of us who are bearing the brunt of these times (and trying to raise our children in them) are in our 20's and 30's now. We are not children. We should just take over and fix the mess.

Maybe we should secede, and elect Ron Paul as our president. Sensible people over the age of 40 would be allowed to join, of course.

The King said...

They are not disenfranchised. The campaigns are suspeded, but they remain on the ballot in the rest of the states. Mitt didn't tell anyone to vote for McCain or Huckabee.

Yes, if you donated money you lost. But guess what? This happens every time there is a primary. At least he isn't pretending to have a shot and trying to raise money through the end. You don't know you've lost until you've lost. And the results of Super Tuesday pretty much forced his hand.

So Judy, you suggested twice that Romney was offered a deal.... care to share your inside scoop? Do you really think these guys are on talking terms after the past two months of rhetorical war? I don't think so. Hey, maybe he was offered a deal by Ron Paul so that Paul could potentially break to double digits in an upcoming primary. What do ya think?

Judy Aron said...

King - Yes their names remain on the ballot - but the vote is essentially lost if the candidate has dropped out - surely you can understand that.

Mitt has not told anyone who to vote for yet - that shoe is waiting to be dropped. Romney had a shot - how do you even think he could not have done better in upcoming primaries? Do you have a crystal ball or something? He gave up! Why? Someone high up told him to that's why. One doesn't have to be a genius to figure that out. There are 19 more states to go - almost half the country yet to vote in the primaries King... So far Mitt got 34% of the vote to McCains 42% - thats 200,000 vote difference ! and he just gives up? He either didn't really want to fight to be president or he's been offered some other sweet deal. Whatever the reason, (and since you supported him)he screwed you over pal.

As for your last comment - that works for me too :) Afterall, Lincoln came from behind against all odds. With Romney gone from the scene, registered Republicans in upcoming primaries still have 3 choices - only the media is pretending there is only one. tell me how many times you hear Paul's name or even Huckabee's name mentioned in the TV news tonight - and then tell me how many times you hear McCain's. I rest my case.

Crimson Wife said...

I think your anger is misdirected. The winner-take-all setup of most states' primaries is the real problem. It creates a situation where a miss is as good as a mile. How many delegates would the candidates each have if the Republicans had a proportionate delegate setup like the Democrats?

The King said...

Ah, Judy, we don't elect people by popular vote, but rather by delegates. I think I've made the case why Mitt can't continue in numerous threads. It's a matter of math and probablility. Believe me, if he really could win, he wouldn't be quitting.

Still waiting on what deal you think he struck?

What kind of silliness are you talking about hearing McCain's name mentioned. I'd expect to hear it often. Wouldn't you? I heard Mitt's name, Huckabee's and even 4% Ron Paul. Now why would the media spend time focusing on Ron Paul? This race whether you like it or not is a one man race with two other candidates refusing to quit.

I'm really interested in seeing how much Ron Paul's percentage runs up now that Mitt is out.
How many times did Lincoln run in his lifetime before he succeeded? This is Mitt's first run at the White House, same with Ron Paul (I believe).... I don't expect divine intervention on this one.

The King said...

And the vote is not lost if the candidate drops out. It counts toward the delegate count. You are spewing misinformation.

Judy Aron said...

Thanks for the civics lesson King - but I know how the delegate system works... The fact is Romney dropped out before he could even try to garner enough delegates or even go into a brokered convention.

You don't think he struck a deal? O.K. - think what you like :)

You really don't get it about the media do you? I never said that I wouldn't expect McCain's name to be mentioned - of course his name will be mentioned - it's just that like it or not there are still three people in the Republican race and whether you think the other two besides McCain have a chance or not, is neither here nor there - they deserve equal time (even by law) and it is an injustice to the people still waiting to cast a ballot for them to be ignored by the media. The media is hardly mentioning the remaining players and already talking general election and speculating McCain's running mate. I am just saying that this to me is an injustice to the people who have not voted yet.

I am not spewing misinformation - the vote is essentially lost because the delegate it ultimately represents (if it earns a delegate) goes to some other candidate, most likely not of your choosing.

The King said...

Judy, you are being silly now. Believe me, if there was a real chance of Mitt becoming the nominee, he wouldn't have dropped out. How far do these conspiracy theories go? All the way to the convention, or beyond?

Mitt as VP, anything is possible. But there is pretty bad blood between them. Being realistic, I think Mitt could land a better, more profitable position, but who knows.

So why is Ron Paul still running? What is he trying to prove at this point?

Anonymous said...

Nobody told Romney to drop out. This was a trial balloon. Mitt 'uns used this election to build up name recognition for next time. It was worth the money he spent (he has plenty) both as a learning experience and to get his name out there.

You'll see the new and improved (again) Willard next time.

Judy Aron said...

Right King - I am just being silly.

One day you'll wake up, and I completely understand, because I used to think like you until I looked beyond Fox News.

Ron Paul is still running because there are people who support him. He hasn't abandoned them; and my friend, (to use a McCain-ism) as I have said before this is not about Ron Paul - this is about a revolution that is brewing in this country.

I can no longer argue with you King because your mind is too closed. You cling to the pablum fed to you by the corporate controlled media, the very people who would be damaged by a Paul presidency.

When things go really bad here I will really hate to say we told ya so. Till then, you can be a good Republican and do what you are told, I on the other hand prefer to research and think for myself.


Stephen Mendelsohn said...


It should be noted that this year, the winner-take-all states tended to be those in which McCain won: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, and by Congressional district, California. Some of the northeastern states deliberately switched to winner-take-all to help Giuliani and wound up helping McCain after Giuliani's candidacy flopped. The only winner-take-all primaries that McCain has lost so far are Georgia (narrowly to Huckabee) and heavily Mormon Utah (to Romney). With Virginia being the only major winner-take-all state remaining and McCain having roughly 2/3 of the delegates he needs for the nomination, the odds of Romney, Huckabee, and Paul successfully teaming up after Super Tuesday in an ABM (anyone but McCain) coalition were very slim indeed (not to mention the disdain for Romney's phoniness from all of his Republican rivals).

There are futures markets for both parties primaries (Real Clear Politics has the daily Intrade percentages) and I'm sure Romney must have seen the odds and simply decided it was not worth spending ever more of his own personal fortune on a losing cause. And while you may disagree with his reasoning, I see no reason not to take him at his word that he did not want to contribute to the election of a Democrat whom he (and many others) felt would just raise the white flag of surrender and let militant Islamists take over Iraq.

There is also 2012 -- if McCain loses to Hillary or Obama, bowing out gracefully gives Romney the respect he will need in four years, during which time he may be able to build up a more consistent conservative reputation and distance himself from his record as the moderate-to-liberal governor of Massachusetts and his earlier support for abortion, gay rights, sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and health care mandates.