Friday, February 8, 2008

States With Primaries To Come Have Been Cheated

The Main Stream Media has done a hatchet job on the field of candidates, both Democrat and Republican. With the way they have skewed their reports and left names of candidates off of polls and other reports, and "analyzed" and "predicted" everything for the people, they have left us with little choice in the end. They know that what they purposefully say and how they say it influences how people will vote, and it also influences the decision of candidates to remain in the race.

What is really a travesty here is that the remaining primary states are left with little choice at all. The media and even the candidates have left them in the dust while the general election now seems to be underway. The later states didn't even have a chance to speak. I'd say that is a violation of those remaining state's right to vote. It is an obstruction to their right to vote for the candidate that they believe in and have it really matter. No wonder people are feeling very disenfranchised! They are being told to shut up and support someone else "for the good of the party". That is plain hogwash! Quite frankly, this "party unity" line is getting as old as "change" and it is very over-rated.

Now I know that no one cannot force a candidate to stay in a race - but I would imagine that if we all got a chance to vote for a candidate based on just the facts of their voting record - their stance on issues - their performance in debates and not what Wolf Blitzer or Sean Hannity or Tim Russert had to say, that things might be a bit different. This is where government education has succeeded - most people seem to be having trouble thinking for themselves and making their own analysis. They are apt to go with the crowd and if the crowd says that it is time to support Obama or McCain - they follow suit.

There are some out there who will stick to their convictions, and that is encouraging, but unfortunately now they do not even have a chance to cast a vote without being guilted or ridiculed into changing that vote. The media and party leaders will be there to tell them that unless they support another candidate their vote is a "wasted vote". That is how much people and their opinion and choice are being marginalized.

But also what about the back door deals that are being made? Perhaps Romney was offered a deal to exit... is that fair to people who supported his bid for the presidency? Does the RNC (or anyone else for that matter) have the right to lure candidates out of the race so their preferred candidate gets smoother sailing? Well, maybe they have the right - but is it fair and ethical?

Never mind that - what about the financial implications? Suppose you donated money to Romney or Giuliani or Edwards, and you are in a state where you haven't even voted for them... that seems a bit fraudulent on some level. People supported them in good faith and now they've been abandoned.

Isn't it amazing that we cannot even have a complete primary season without candidate manipulation to drop out? The folks in the remaining primaries should be fuming angry that their choices have been removed... and to them I say write and call the FEC and file a complaint today!

Federal Election Commission, 999 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20463 (800) 424-9530 In Washington (202) 694-1000

From 8:30AM-5:30PM ET

I was lucky to be able to vote for the person that I supported, and it's a sham(e) that others will not be so fortunate.