Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Withdrawal Bill News Links

For those who want to have access to the various news reports across the state regarding the Withdrawal Bill legislation here are some important media links (and I will post more as I find them) :

Print News

Hartford Advocate: Homeschooling Rules To Change - by Jennifer Abel - Feb 20

Connecticut Post - School Policies Decried In Hartford - by Ken Dixon - Feb 20

Republican American - Homeschoolers Complain of Bullying By Officials - by Paul Hughes - Feb 20

Hartford Courant - Smoothing A Way Out Of School - by Jim Farrell - Feb 18

TV News

WTNH Channel 8 - Homeschooling Hurdles - by Tricia Taskey - video here. Feb 19

Fox 61 - Video report about homeschooling and the written report entitled Homeschool Support - by Colin Poitras - (also in the Courant)- Feb 20 - video unavailable

Video of Public hearing from CT-N