Thursday, February 14, 2008

You Too Can Be A Legislative Watchdog

Wanna keep up on what the boys and girls are doing up there in Hartford from now till May 7th? It is actually nice that our government here makes it easy for us to track how they raise our taxes and institute more regulation.

The Connecticut General Assemby website offers a feature called Bill Tracking, and you can get to it by going to their home page and clicking on the upper right hand corner tab that says Bill Tracking or you can simply bookmark the link.

If you have never used this feature before then you have to establish yourself by giving an email ID and your first name and last name and a password.. Once you are in, you can have bill status information automatically sent to your email. You can track bills by committee, or by specific bill, or by specific legislators.

With this feature you can keep track of your legislators and what they are or aren't doing; you can track the status of bills and you can keep on top of what committees are doing. There are also features that allow you to read the transcripts of public hearings and check on the legislative voting records of our elected officials.

If you don't live in CT, you should investigate your own General Assembly's website and see what kind of bill tracking features are offered. It's a great way to keep informed and have a better idea of how the laws we live by are made.

Of course, there's the old joke that says that anyone who likes sausages or laws should not watch either of them being made.