Thursday, March 6, 2008

If You Tell A Lie Long Enough.....

Well, you know the rest.

John McCain and the rest of the Republican "leadership" keep saying how everyone in the Conservative base is rallying around McCain and that all is forgiven and that everyone is "coming home", and that John McCain really is a Conservative worthy of the Republican nomination. The media is more than happy to report that as well. If they say it long enough perhaps it'll convince everyone that it is true, or that they should follow suit. Truth is if you put lipstick on a pig - it's still a pig.

After getting his number of delegates for the convention, McCain got George Bush's blessing - perhaps that's another reason why I won't vote for McCain. Yes, I am a Conservative, and NO I won't vote for Socialists like Hillary and Obama.

So, why won't a Conservative like me "suck it up" and "rally around McCain"?
Because - he doesn't represent Conservative values.
He doesn't represent me or what I want to see in the White House leading our country.
Here's why.

1. He supports REALID and treating Americans like inventory.
2. He supports amnesty for illegal aliens instead of enforcing current law.
3. He supports NAFTA and other contrived trade agreements which have hurt business in this country, and will no doubt support the creation of the NAU and erode our sovereignty.
4. He will pursue more war.
5. He will continue to support the failed economic policies of the Federal Reserve which are destroying the value of the American dollar as we speak.
6. He supports global warming legislation.
7. He opposed the Bush tax cuts.
8. He created McCain Feingold which suppresses freedom of speech.
9. He disparaged big business, profits, producers and wealth in the California debates and elsewhere.
10. He is loved by the liberal mainstream media.

I could go on. I won't.

It's fine that some of my Conservative friends want to support him because of the (R) after his name - that's their choice - but the fact for me is that it's a lie. I can't vote for a lie. His being a war hero is not enough to make me vote for him, and the threat of a Democrat/Socialist in the White House is not a big incentive either because McCain would be no better than more of the atrocious Bush policies, like No Child Left Behind and the stream of mental health policies coming out of the Federal government that are meant to make pharmaceutical companies richer and people more dependent on them.

Yes, but they say - vote for McCain, because he's more Conservative then Hillary and Obama. For me - that's like saying you should smoke Marlboros because they are healthier for you than smoking Marijuana. Truth is they are both poison.

How sad that the Republican party can't do better than this.
How sad that the media has pushed this candidate on the American public.

They say that the Conservative base will "come home"
Come Home?
To what?
To liberalism and statism in the Republican party?
That's not compromise my Conservative friends, that's Republican party suicide.
The last thing we need is more liberals like McCain in the Republican party.

If anyone needs to "come home" it is the Republican party to it's Conservative values of smaller less intrusive government, less taxation, respect for the Constitution and our laws, and support for our sovereignty and advocating for personal responsibility.

Until then, I be checking out third party candidates, or I'll be writing in one of my own, because I won't vote for a lie.

Throw my vote away? Voting my conscience is never throwing a vote away.
Let the other guy win? Well, in my opinion no matter who wins now - we all lose.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Need I say more?


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Yesterday, Glenn Beck had a good laugh at the expense of the Dems. I guess he figured we might as well enjoy ourselves today. After the election in November, we'll all be calling each other "tovarisch."

Judy Aron said...

- tovarisch
1. A comrade (especially in Russian communism)

Actually it will be amusing that the head of the French government will be more Conservative that the head of the US government - anyone see the irony in that?

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the Republican party can "do better than that", ie. Ron Paul. But they choose not to. Perhaps because the Republican and Democrat labels are interchangable. As a conservative, I would like to say that I am abandoning the Republican party but they've already beaten me to it.

Susan said...

It's time for a Revolution. (Can I get arrested for that?)

I just booted myself off an IL GOP list trying to figure out what an IL Republican is. OK, keep the snickering down...there really are IL Repubs less as of today.
I was trying to convey the suggestion that most of Ron Paul's ideas/actions were precious and deep and shouldn't be poohpoohed just because they came from Ron Paul. They just can't figure out why Ron Paul supporters are SO intense. It's annoying to them that many who have observed McCain's long record aren't putting up and shutting up.
That was the message though; Put Up and Shut Up. uh way. It's time for a Revolution.

Judy Aron said...

Well, I have to say - if Ron Paul was polling in the 7-10% range.. then that means 7-10% of the population has had it and that's enough for the beginning of a revolution. Those numbers will grow as this country continues to decline and follow failed policies. The other factor is that many Ron Paul supporters are supposedly young and it's nice to know that they understand the Constitutionalist ideals of Dr. Paul and others.
We aren't about business as usual anymore.