Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liar, Liar Pantsuit On Fire

What is it with these Clintons?
They lie and then act like it's no big deal.
Oops... I'm Human... I just misspoke...
"During a speech last week in Washington, she said, ``I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.''

Yeah - so that never happened... and she attributes it to poor memory. Do people really want a President that can't recall things accurately? And now the damage control begins:
Oh she just meant that there was conflict "in the area"...

These people have absolutely no integrity and they expect the public to forgive and forget and give them some sort of free skate?

This is a woman running for the highest office in the country and people are actually voting for her?

But then again consider the alternate choices.
They aren't much better I am afraid.


christinemm said...

Our seven year old son is going through a lying stage. We shared this story last night with both boys and especially driving the issue home to our younger son.

How a person could 'mis-remember' this is beyond me. To think this was a mistaken memory is ludicrous.

I do not believe a dishonest person like this should run for President. We need credible people in that office, in my opinion. And if ever a President makes a mistake while in office they should fess up to it and accept responsiblility. If a candidate will lie with a dramatic story like that to just get elected I have to wonder what else would be lied about in the future.

Kristina said...

Oh, come on, she's just human, after all.:) Ugh, I am so tired of liars! I think that above all other things that I hate, I hate lying the most.

And, if she really can't remember, then that is just another reason she shouldn't be president.

christinemm said...

What gets me the most is this isn't a little detail or a fact that was wrong. Having a peaceful greeting when visiting a country versus saying she was shot at by snipers is just hugely different. I still can't get over this.

Carl Slicer said...

Conn Senator Lebeau has been teaching Senator Hillary, Nancy Pelosi and Conn Senator Looney how to make the truth stretch.
They lie to themselves enough eventually they believe it is true.
Case in point. Take a look at this article I wrote about Gary LeBeau and the havoc he wreaks on East Hartford Conn and the rest of the state. (

Senator Lebeau is convinced, He Believes, he knows better how to spend your money than you do. The test is easy. Ask Mr Lebeau to spend his own personal money first and he won't.

Carl Slicer, blog editor,, "Who's in your wallet ?"

Dana said...

We ran with heads ducked under sniper fire? And that didn't make like the hugest news at the time? Not to mention why on earth they'd ever have been let off the plane if that were the case.

How do you "forget" that you weren't shot at?

Anonymous said...

At least her lies didn't get us in an unconstitutional and needless war like our Bush,, our Liar in Chief:

Jennifer in OR said...

Well, "anonymous," her lies may get us into WWIII if she manages to make it into office.

But, come now, she really must have meant to say that she was dreaming about the sniper fire, you know, worried about it ahead of time. Then, somehow, her dream got mixed up with reality. You know, like her entire life.