Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Obama on NAFTA - So Who Is Not Being Truthful?

Personally I don't think anyone is being truthful. The stakes for votes are high. There's so much double-talk coming out of these campaigns it is hard for anyone to tell who is advocating for what.

The claim is that Obama told his mesmerized followers, "the terms of NAFTA have to be altered to strengthen environmental and labor protections", as well as other jabs at NAFTA, and then his campaign tells the Canadians not to take his remarks seriously because "it's just campaign rhetoric".

Although, now that is being refuted as untrue.
"I can categorically say that no one has contacted our embassy or our ambassador," said Canadian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andre Lemay. "None of our officials at the embassy discussed anything with the runners up in the presidential campaign. We realize that one of the Canadian networks mentioned yesterday that such a call had been made. The report is untrue."
US News says they have a memo that proves it.
According to the memo obtained by The Associated Press, Obama's senior economic adviser told Canadian officials in Chicago that the debate over free trade in the Democratic presidential primary campaign was "political positioning" and that Obama was not really protectionist.
The fact is that Obama and Clinton have both said that they would be ready to renegotiate NAFTA. Actually they have said a bunch of things along the way from supporting it to scrapping it. Clinton even joked about it in the debates. (Clinton even praised it back in 1996) We all realize that each candidate is merely pandering to their crowds in key states, especially those hard hit by job losses as a result of NAFTA. With all the nattering going on about NAFTA there has to be some reaction from the Canadian government. One report says "Reacting to such threats, Canadian Trade Minister David Emerson countered that his country might rethink the terms under which its oil and natural gas enters the United States. No doubt Mexico has objections as well".

Interesting video here.

Two things I do know.

1) The candidates are pandering and saying whatever it takes to get votes.

2) NAFTA is a contrived trade agreement that hurts American jobs in order to provide cheap labor and goods to Americans. It benefits large corporations that can afford to outsource in order to enrich their profit margins. It also hurts family farms and small business. American consumers are buying cheaply made inferior goods as well from these sorts of trade agreements(One only has to look to China to see this). Americans have not really seen any change in the price of things since NAFTA anyway. I mean, prices have not dropped significantly that I can see, so businesses are still charging the same prices. These trade agreements are also allowing an enormous expenditure and waste of energy. It takes a lot of energy to ship things from one country to another in order to be made for less wages. NAFTA is paving the way for the North American Union and I don't see that as a good thing at all.