Friday, March 28, 2008

This Week's WebPicks

So here's some worthwhile reading that I found this week. I missed blogging yesterday and this morning so I hope you didn't miss me too much.

Anyway - heres some good stuff:

How Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Got Their Logo

Tis the season to be scammed - by Eduwonks

How is your genetic information being used? - by Junk Food Science

Federal Government Concedes Autistic Child Injured By Vaccines - Vaccine Awakening

Three Top Banks Stop Offering Student Loans
- The World Is Your Campus


Bill Steele said...

Hey thats too good to know about the olympics. This stuff is really great. It would attract the viewers. And regarding the loans for the students is great. All the students will be very happy.

christinemm said...

Thank you for the autism and vaccine link. Scary stuff.

Have a nice weekend!

Johnny Ong said...

wow, my blog entry went all the way to yr pc?

Maya Frost said...

Thanks for including a link to my post!

Maya ;-)