Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is It Thursday Already?

These past two weeks have been such a blur. I have been so busy with family stuff and legislative stuff and local political stuff that I barely had time for blogging or more pressing issues like shopping and other domestic tasks. But I did have time for a physical yesterday - and for the most part everything is peachy. (yeah yeah... I have to exercise more and eat less)

But some cool things have happened this week. My daughter got her very first job. She was hired on the spot to work in a very terrific candy store in our town. So we had to go get working papers since she is 16. And that experience is a whole 'nother blog post.. suffice it to say that getting working papers from the local high school is a dumb practice. One should just have to produce proof of age to the employer - who could simply make a copy and place it on file in his office somewhere just in case the labor department ever pays a visit. That sounds like another bill for another legislative session. (sigh) We also had to go get some khaki pants and some white shirts. Done and done. She starts working part-time next week. She's also finishing up her college coursework and working on a bandslam music event that she is helping to plan with a colleague of hers. She's just finished a cable TV producers course and is planning her very own cable TV show entitled "Backstage Pass" which will debut on West Hartford cable TV fairly soon. No grass grows under her feet!

My middle son just had an interview with Lincoln Labs at MIT, and we are all very excited about that being his next Co-Op assignment in his college program. I can't believe he only has one more year of college left!

My oldest hasn't had any time for his blog because he has also been traveling a lot with his job. He also has an announcement forthcoming that I am not at liberty to say right now - but stay tuned (and my apologies for teasing you).

And now I have to make preparations for Passover.. "OY"