Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just Another Politician - And You Thought He Was Different?

Barack Hussein Obama is not the epitome of "Hope and Change".
He never was.
He was raised an elitist who attended a highbrow privileged Hawaiian private school overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and later went on to Harvard. He's not exactly the typical black man on the street facing the typical black man's problems... or even the typical white man's problems for that matter. I am not knocking his credentials either; I am happy he had the opportunities that he had and that he took advantage of them. But him championing the poor and underprivileged is somewhat laughable. Sort of like the mega rich jet setting John Kerry who tried the same story.

For people taking a closer look behind Obama's well delivered rhetoric, they are finding that there is little substance behind all of that rhetoric. He's got a great speech writer behind him - that's all. The rest is the same old. same old, that we hear from these guys year after year after election year.

So how do I know he is a typical politician?
Because it wasn't very long ago (in March) that Barack Obama made a speech on race relations in this country. Many said it was a defining moment. It may very well have been. But in this speech he said, "I can no more disown him [Rev. Wright] than I can disown the black community". And yet Tuesday he did disown Wright in a very big way after Wright's comments at the National Press Club. Obama totally denounced the man who married him and his wife, and baptized his two children, and who he has said has been like family to him. So now, has he disowned the black community as well? What can we really believe of this?

So, do we honestly know what Barack Obama really believes in? Can we honestly trust what he says? and can we put faith in his judgment for the types of people he now, and in the future, surrounds himself with? I don't think so.

Yes, he's just another Washington politician, doing whatever it takes, and telling you whatever it is he thinks you want to hear to get elected. It kind of makes you wonder if he'd disown the rest of his family if the polls told him that was what he had to do to become president. It looks like Michelle Obama should be very careful with what she says from now on.

So much for Hope and Change.