Monday, April 21, 2008

Ron Paul Interview with Neil Cavuto

Yes, Ron Paul is still a Republican Candidate for President. He has not left the race. He was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Tax Day (April 15) and I am sharing it with you here. As far as I am concerned it's worth a listen.

What a shame more people didn't vote for him in the primaries.

I had an advance order for his new book and it has just been shipped - I can't wait to get it and read it.

I have talked to many people in the course of my travels, and everyone seems to agree that the the three choices we have left - Clinton, McCain, and Obama are absolutely horrible choices for this country. I know a lot of people who will be voting third party. Some say that's a wasted vote.. I think voting for any of the three front runners is a wasted vote. Clinton/Obama marches us more quickly to Socialism and bigger nanny state government. McCain surely doesn't understand the economy and may get us even deeper into war and continue a meddlesome foreign policy along with icky ideas like REALID and the North American Union. Sigh... You know how some people have bumper stickers that have 01-20-09... signifying the inauguration of a new president.. I'd like to have a bumper sticker that says 01-20-13 because this election in 2008 has already gone to the dogs and personally I think it will be a really miserable and difficult 4 years if any of the current three picks are in office.

To my Republican colleagues: Sorry I just can't vote for a guy who sings "Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran".... and while I don't like what Amadinejad has said and done ... there has got to be better and smarter ways of dealing with idiot leaders like him.

And in my opinion, McCain's hit 3 strikes.... McCain Feingold (campaign finance reform), McCain Kennedy (illegals amnesty), McCain Lieberman (global warming). All awful legislation.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Since it appears Ron Paul is not planning to run third party (I understand why it's very difficult and expensive) what about a write-in campaign. I have never voted for a major party candidate to date (and my first presidential vote was in 1980)so why start now?
This year, I am going to write in Ron Paul.

jennifer in OR said...

Is there an unknown country we can all move to? Can I turn myself into the Little Prince?

Judy Aron said...

Perhaps some state would like to secede?

I am also planning on "writing in" Ron Paul.

Blueberry said...

I'm writing him in, and I know a few others that plan to do the same.

I also know a few that have caved to the pressure of fear and voting McCain even though they can't stand the man. Anytime Ron Paul is mentioned they roll their eyes and say, "If I thought he had a chance, I'd vote for him" Blah, blah, blah

DJ Lakedreamer said...

I found out last week that Ron Paul is definitely on our state ballot for the primary coming up in May SO I'm looking forward to pushing that button beside his name!

I enjoy reading your blog and have it listed in my side bar.

Blessings! :-)

Swylv said...

I voted for Ron back in Feb. The Messianic Congregation I attend says he's not a real candidate they saw him as just raising funds to get re-elected for congress, which he has. He does have good ideas's a shame they didn't listen to him 20 years ago when he also tried to run for president.