Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beware Of Gasoline Thieves

This article was brought to my attention and I thought I'd share it.

Gas prices are soaring. That is an opportunity for crime.

While there are no national statistics yet regarding the tracking gas thefts, police across the country say they’re investigating more reports than ever before. It isn't only gasoline delivery truck drivers or gas station pumps being ripped off in the middle of the night, but people pulling up at the pumps are being targeted by thieves as well. Cars that are parked might get hit by thieves who look to siphon gas from the vehicle. It now makes sense to protect your gas supply with a locking gas cap -
Many newer cars have locked gas caps, and if yours doesn’t, “you should consider investing the $10 in a good-quality locking gas cap,” said Sgt. Dave Bursten of the Indiana State Police.
Here are some other suggestions to help you stay safe and to protect your gasoline.

Police suggest taking the following steps to keep your car safe:
— Park in a locked garage.
— If you park on the street, position your vehicle under street lighting.
— When away from home, park in well-lighted and well-traveled areas.
Avoid parking in public lots for long periods of time.
— Avoid parking where your fuel door would be obscured by heavy landscaping, isolated corners or high walls.
— Consider buying a locking gas cap.
Contact police if you see any suspicious behavior around unattended parked vehicles.

Of course, although I don't recommend this, here is another man's tactic in the form of a sign on his vehicle:

(H/T Kathy KW)