Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CT - David Aron Begins Campaign For State House Seat

I couldn't be more excited and proud.

The Hamden Daily News (online) reported this today:
David Aron doesn’t let the stats get in his way. Such as he’s one of about 4,000 registered Republicans in Hamden versus about 14,000 Democrats. Such as he just moved to town about 18 months ago and is not very well known. Such as he’s just 24 and has never run for local or any office, before.

No, Aron, a home-schooled Jewish boy from West Hartford, said he intends to steal the 91st House District seat from eight-term Democratic state Rep. Peter Villano this November, regardless. Villano could not be reached for comment but is expected to run again this year.

“This is a campaign about ideas and what is the best representation for Hamden,” said Aron, a traffic analyst for Wilbur Smith Associates in downtown New Haven. “It’s not about Republican or Democrat. It’s about who has the best ideas.” He was elected to the Hamden Republican Town Committee in January.

Aron’s ideas

Reforming public-education funding is at the top of the hopeful’s to-do-in-Hartford list. He talked about finding alternative funding sources and creating more state charter schools, which are less costly to run than their mainstream counterparts.

The spiciest piece of Aron’s education funding reform plan is allowing high-achieving students to graduate a year early.

“That could save the town millions. What I would propose is giving them [early grads] a $5,000 scholarship to attend a Connecticut college,” he said. The town and state would split the bill.

The millions in savings for Hamden (and the other 168) are realized, he said, by graduating the top 15 percent of the class after their junior year. It costs roughly $11,000 a year to teach a Hamden student.

Like a good Republican, Aron said he’d also campaign on lowering taxes.

“One thing I’m going to do is go through the state budget and look at programs that can be funded with user fees,” said the candidate, who filed his registration papers with the State Election Enforcement Commission yesterday. “Or if [programs are] not working we can eliminate or merge them. It’s one thing to say lower taxes. We need to look at what we can cut.”

About Aron

He described an intellectually stimulating childhood with “opinionated” Republican parents always on the pulse of things.

“My family was always talking about what was going on,” said Aron. “We’re very opinionated. I’d almost say we’re Republican Libertarians. We believe in individual freedom and that government should be small. I have mixed feelings about Bush.”

His parents pulled him out of public school after seventh grade and brought him home to learn, straight through 12th grade. Aron said public school wasn't academically challenging and his parents couldn’t afford private school.

“There was a lot of time wasted in the class on discipline,” he said.

Actually, Aron said he taught himself. His parents gave him books and he read. When he reached high-school age, he said he took classes at the University of Hartford and Trinity College. During this time, he got his first real taste of politics as a legislative aide to former Republican state Rep. Bob Farr of West Hartford.

Aron went to Boston University where he scored a degree in political science. Fresh out of college, he was hired as a traffic analyst in Cape Cod. On Sundays, he moonlighted as a Hebrew school teacher at Cape Cod Synagogue.

About a year and a half ago, Aron moved into the Madison Manor on Hamden’s Dixwell Avenue. He’s single. He’s young. And he’s hungry.

“This election is going to be won on the ground, door to door and hand to hand,” he said. “I have a lot of energy. I have a lot of drive. I’m committed to this.”
I hope that you'll join me in supporting David's campaign. He'd be a tremendous asset to the CT legislature and will do a wonderful job representing Hamden.


Tamara said...

This is so exciting! Good for David. It's always wonderful to see young people getting involved in gov't. We need their energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas.

I just popped over to David's blog, and noticed he didn't have any info on this yet. Is he planning to have a website about it? Or use his blog?

jennifer in OR said...

Judy, you must be one PROUD MAMA! Wow, what a guy, I'll be rooting for him way over here in Oregon!

Blueberry said...

WhooHoo! That's wonderful! And here I thought you were going to announce that he was getting married........LOL

I'll be praying for him! How exciting:-)

Dana said...

How exciting, Judy. And congratulations! I know he'll be a strong let's hope someone is listening to it!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Congratulations on raising an opinionated Republican son, you opinionated Mama, you! ;)

By the way, he's really cute! It's too bad the Chemistry Geek Princess has a boyfriend already. But I am sure he'll have the young ladies vying for his attention.

Kim said...

Wow! Ready to make a change. I hope he does well.

Dy said...

Oh, Judy! What a wonderful, encouraging, and thrilling thing to read this morning. Makes me wish we lived in CT so we could support him. As it is, though, please pass along our congratulations, and let him know that if he'd ever like to come to Alabama, we could use men like him, here, too! :-)


mccommas said...

I thought you were running Judy.

Bright guy. You did OK -- :)

Anonymous said...

David, I will not be voting for you this year as your experience is still not quite up to par, but in lieu of your ambition to help the community, keep at it and stay motivated, in time you can make a difference!


hamden resident said...


You underestimate the experience of this young man- and he would certainly be an improvement over the incumbent who has to have talking points whispered to him on the floor of the House. The incumbent is a nice guy but is an ineffective legislator. David has energy and drive and lots of innovative ideas. It is time for the incumbent to move on. I will be voting for David.