Friday, May 23, 2008

Maxine Waters - Self Proclaimed Congressional Socialist

"This Liberal will be all about Socializing..... Government running all of your companies" - Maxine Waters (D) California

Congressional Socialists/Liberals have done everything to prevent the cultivation of new sources of oil and energy for this country - Why? So they can usher in government control of business in the name of "helping the American people". Their inaction and absurd policies have hurt all of us - and you can bet that pretty soon we will be seeing $5 or more a gallon of gas.

In my estimation the Republicans have been no better, because they have failed to honestly promote and pass legislation that would work to aggressively help develop alternative energy sources.

Are oil companies reaping loads of profits.. yes .. but they also have to contend with massive regulations and restrictions too.
Should they be able to reap such huge profits? perhaps yes - that is the essence of capitalism. But by the same token a true market economy would keep that in check. Real competition would mean that people would be able to buy from whoever offers the cheaper price.

The fact of the matter is that we need more sources of energy to be developed because scarcity will definitely drive up prices and if other emerging and developing countries are now demanding more oil and gas then we have more competition for those resources.

I don't agree with "using less" as being the only way out of this energy morass. Using less means restricting our activities and slowing productivity. Environmentalism and wise use of resources is a good thing - but "extreme environmentalism" is stifling and counterproductive to our economy. We need a balance and we need a palette of energy choices. Between solar, wind, geo-thermal, nuclear, hydropower, biofuels, natural gas, fossil fuels and hydrogen energy we have the potential to create a huge portfolio of methods and sources to be used by everyone to create as much energy as we need and want and when we want it. What we need is to get government out of the way so that innovation and business can get it done.

The time for alternate energy sources to be developed is now - the time for open markets and more competition is now. The answer is NOT a socialized or nationalized economy or government takeover of business...because that gives us already proven failed economic programs and models.

Interestingly enough, even the esteemed Ted Kennedy wouldn't allow wind power to be generated near his home. So much for the Liberals who would like us to believe they hunger for alternate forms of energy production.