Friday, May 23, 2008

Who Died And Made You King?

Honestly - The United States is supposed to be a Democracy, or technically a Constitutional Republic, so where does Ted Kennedy come off telling people he wants his wife to take his Senate seat? The notion of dynastic rule was what this country was formed to escape from. Our founders had it with Kings and rulers who ruled by birthright.

That shows how little respect Kennedy has for the voting process that he feels he can "bequeath" what he says is "his seat" to someone of his own choosing. And gee whiz, people are already commenting that in this "handing over of power" he is bypassing his late brother Robert Kennedy's eldest son, Joe, a former congressman. But the point is, this seat is not "his" to give away!

Ok, so the guys got brain cancer, but this doesn't give him the automatic right to say who takes his seat when it is vacated. That should entirely be left up to the voters of Massachusetts, who it seems have not had the will or desire to depose the Kennedy clan of this seat over the years. That in and of itself is kind of unsettling. Kennedy won the seat in 1962; his brother John held it from 1953 to 1960.

The news article says:
Under current Massachusetts law, his successor for the rest of his term, which ends in 2012, would be picked by special election. State rules that allowed the governor to pick a temporary replacement were changed in 2004 when John Kerry was the presidential nominee and the Democratic state legislature feared then-GOP Gov. Mitt Romney would appoint a fellow Republican if Kerry won.

Political pros, however, say a dying Kennedy's endorsement of Vicki would likely carry enormous weight with state voters.
If the Republicans can get a decent candidate to run against Miss Vicki (no, not the one of Tiny Tim fame) or any other Democrat for that matter - and run entirely on the issues instead of allowing Miss Vicki some bizarre rights of succession, then they ought to do so.

I find these notions of dynastic succession repugnant, and that includes the Bush-Clinton flavor of dynastic entitlement.

America ought to stop voting like some sort of perverse loyal serfdom or they will continue to be treated like serfdom.

Just as a review - (from Wiki)
Forms of Government:
Direct democracy
Representative democracy
Military dictatorship
Absolute monarchy
Constitutional monarchy
Mixed government
Constitutional republic
Parliamentary republic
Socialist republic
Capitalist republic

The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men.
Reference: The Federalist
Alexander Hamilton
1787 - Federalist No. 21


Kim said...

Funnily, I was at a social engagement with some other moms. One of the moms thought we'd be really interesting and talk about the election (apparently she felt talking about decorating was too provincial and silly). Of those who expressed an opinion, I was the only one not democratic. The only real debate, it seems, was whether to vote for Hillary or Barrack. One woman lamented that we were so far behind other countries because we hadn't yet had a woman leader and that must indicate how sexist our country is.

I had to point out that in those other, not-quite-as-advance countries, the women who were elected were elected NOT because of their own accomplishments, but because they were elected on the coattails of their husbands. How is that an advance for how women are considered?

Of course it made no sense, in this crowd, of talking about the invalidity of voting for someone because they might be the 'first' of some group to be president. How exactly is that a qualification for the highest offic in the world?

Liberty Leasing Services said...

In the last you added forms of govt...useful information. But I support Democracy form of govt.

mccommas said...

>I would still like Teddy prosecuted for manslaughter but I suppose it's crazy to expect justice for a Kennedy in Mass huh? It really isn't all that sad that he is going to die since he has lived fairly long 976). A lot longer than poor Mary Jo, thats for sure. I was reading about it and she died the night my sister was born -- July 18 1969
>I couldn't agree with you more Judy except, and I know you won't agree, I think the younger Bush turned out far better than the elder. Again, just my opinion. I backed Liz Dole to start out in 2000. Bush for me was as much a pleasent surprise and his father was a disapointment. I didn't back Dole because she was a woman or a Dole. I liked her issues and I just thought she had a lot of class and dignity. Coming after 8 years of the Clintons, I was ready for some class and dignity.

>Well put Kim. I have been thinking the same thing. Obama's people are worse. They come right out and say if you are not for Obama than that proves you are a racist.

mccommas said...

hee hee Well Ted isn't quite that old. I meant to say (76) but I was a little late on the shift button...

kritarchist said...

Your mention of kritarchy brought me to your site. Allow me to say a few words about kritarchy. Kritarchy alone of all forms of government is in harmony with natural law, because all other forms of government, including democracy or republicanism, or whatever, artificially divides humanity into two parts: rulers and subjects. Such governments are all forms of slavery, where the rulers have complete control over the lives of the subjects. Kritarchy truly is government by consent, because all the acts of government, whether by courts or police, are done with the consent of those involved. This is so because kritarchies are not territorial monopolies of power. Each kritarchy is free-standing, and members belong to it voluntarily. The nearest example of it we have in the U.S. today is the various houses of worship. On the same street, for example, you might have a Presbyterian church, beside a Catholic church, beside a synagogue, across the street from a Kingdom Hall. Worshipers become members of each voluntarily, and may come and go from community to community as they please. Each church has certain requirements of membership, but no church owns it members as every government owns its citizens. In a kritarchy, you may not be king, but you are not a slave of the government either. For more info, all are welcome to visit the Forum of American Kritarchists,