Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CT Brain Drain

Unbelievable - 75% of our top kids leave CT within 3 years of graduation, says Prof. Fred Carstensen of the Connecticut Center For Economic Analysis (UCONN).

We spend so much money to educate these kids and then we have created a business environment that chases them out of state.
The formal report from CCEA is here.

One of my favorite blogs - CT Taxed - featured this link on their recent post CT Kids Are Leaving The State In Droves.

If you are a CT businessman it should make the blood shoot right out of your eyes. But what is really hysterical (and unfortunate at the same time) is that this forum was put on by CT Young Democrats - and if they could only realize that it is the State Democrats that they support which have handed them this situation maybe they would not be CT Young Democrats! We have had a Democrat controlled state legislature passing laws for the past couple of decades or more, and they are the ones that have made this State so business unfriendly. Don't CT Young Democrats get it?

My message to those kids kids; forget the party affiliation and party loyalty. Vote for people who are going to make CT a more inviting place for business and make it more affordable for you to live and work here. So far, the Democrats have not done this for you. So why are you supporting them?

Additionally, I liked Prof. Carstensen's comment - Retail is not economic development!

Interesting statistics here as well.