Sunday, June 1, 2008

The DNC Determines That Florida And Michigan Delegates Are Less Than Slaves

At least the original Constitution held that slaves were three-fifths of a person, now Democrat delegates in Michigan and Florida are each one-half of a person making them more lowly than a slave!

Leave it to the DNC to compromise voting rights away. Furthermore, this will not do anything to add to party unity down the road I suspect. It is hilarious to me that after making the rules they yielded to pressures to change the rules after Hillary and her supporters wanted the Michigan and Florida delegations fully restored for the upcoming convention, to reflect the primaries that she won back in January. Of course, because of the early primary rules, it was agreed back then that they would not count. Now that Hillary is scrounging for delegate votes as Obama nears his mark, the rules are asked to be trashed.

More importantly the voters in Florida and Michigan are furious. They want their primary votes to count in the process. Or at least they do now. Funny thing is that in Michigan, Obama's name wasn't even on the ballot!

I don't see much in the way of party unity with this type of nonsense going on. Two things are clear: DNC chair, Howard Dean sure has his hands full and they better bolt the furniture down in the convention hall in Denver otherwise there might be some chairs flying along with the fist fights. Perhaps this eco-friendly DNC party will turn out to be the biggest eco-friendly riot.

Since it isn't likely there will be a Clinton Obama ticket (or rather an Obama Clinton ticket) based on the egos we are witnessing, perhaps Hillary ought to start thinking of running as an independent. Now wouldn't that be interesting? Maybe she'll ask Al Gore to run with her.

Now all we need is for Obama to pick someone like Maxine Waters, or Nancy Pelosi as his running mate. Yikes!

1/2 a vote per Michigan and Florida delegate's amazing those delegates will get less representation than a slave at the DNC convention. More amazing is the Democrats making/changing the rules not seeming to care much about how this affects the voters in the primaries. You can expect more of that type of thing if Socialism takes a greater hold in this country. Trash the rules and establish others that allow for less equality.

So the big question is this: Did the DNC rules committee really mean to say that with 1/2 a vote those Florida and Michigan Democrat delegates are now really half-assed?


Susan said...

half-assed...I couldn't help it, that made me laugh out loud. In IL, we're looking at the back end of a dying elephant, ya know.

We watched quite a bit of the DNC rules meeting and it was very enlightening. What I did appreciate was that it wasn't as scripted as many of the dnc leaders wished it would be, I'm sure. Just like in the rock em, sock em nat'l party conventions before the choreography and makeup came along.
The good part was that we were very impressed with Donna Brazile, Hartina Flournay and a couple other ladies. (Don't agree with them about their political leanings, but they were smart) I wasn't so impressed with the fellas and Harold Ickes is a full blown ass.
That was my synopsis from my tainted view. :-)

gary said...

What I heard before the DNC decision, the original rules should have counted half the delegates for the wayward states as punishment. The 50/50 delegate split seems to mean that they are canceling each other out, essentially the same as not counting these votes.
Do I have this correct?

mccommas said...

The Democrats can never again bring up the fact that George W. Bush didn't win the popular vote in 2000 since clearly as this proves, they don't give a damn about disenfranchising even their own supporters.

Anonymous said...


1. Obama wasn't even on the ballot in one of the states.


3. Hope everything is going well in Dave's campaign. :)

Judy Aron said...

Anonymous - yeah I know Obama wasn't on the ballot in one of the states.. and I agree that the RNC also has done the same... that doesn't make it right .. and I do not think that the DNC should have changed the rules.

So far things are going very well with Dave's campaign - I hope you send him a contribution to help him out :)