Friday, June 27, 2008


An interesting article appeared in USA Today about the new breed of gasoline consumer: Hypermilers.

Hypermilers, those obsessed with squeezing every bit out of their gas tank, say they get 100 miles per gallon by practicing
such unorthodox techniques as coasting for blocks with their car's engine turned off, driving far below speed limits on the freeway, pumping up tire pressure far beyond car and tire makers' recommendations and carefully manipulating the gas pedal to avoid fuel-burning excess....
Like keeping the air conditioning off and windows barely cracked on a more than 90-degree day. Or parking in the boondocks at shopping centers so they can motor head-first toward the exit rather than backing out of a space.
The article has all kinds of creative gas saving give it a read.

"Hypermiling is a whole suite of tools. It's half science and the other half is art, knowing when to apply them,"

Here is one hypermiler website:

You too can be obsessed.

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christinemm said...

Add to the list the people who shut their car engines off while waiting in gas lines to get gas. What a nightmare it is at Costco when they do that, and refuse to move up in the line.

Two weeks ago a man did that and just sat there with three car spaces in front of him empty while the traffic behind him spille out of the gas area, down the driveway and back up down Rt. 1. Finally a Costco staffer had to ask him to turn his car on and move up in line. Sheesh.

Someone on a chat list recently shared that if the car is to idle more than 60 seconds shut off the engine. I doubt the science of that but I've not researched it.