Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Recommended Reading For This Week

I hope something in here strikes your fancy.

Operation Malicious Mortgage yielded arrest of real estate players, including two former Bear Stearns managers in New York. These people have allegedly perpetrated mortgage fraud nationwide that have contributed to the country's housing crisis. Gee, I wonder if they ought to require the victims of all these sub-prime mortgages to take some sort of "how to avoid scams" class too.

Check out Fairtest, they have some interesting analysis of the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of the SAT and NCLB. Their site is worth a look.

Diet Police - the reality is that it is happening in Scotland where they are knocking on doors to peek inside the cupboards. Give a look-see over at Junk Food Science.

If that's not bad enough - people are being banned from wearing hats in Yorkshire pubs. Do you suppose that they will make Queen Liz remove her crown if she goes to visit one?

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) struck it big as it will now gain the contract for national REAL ID hub as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) scraps a competitive process for state grants. Read more here at Papers Please.

So Far twenty states have passed anti-REAL ID legislation. The latest was Arizona. Last week, its governor signed into law a bill that prohibits Arizona from implementing the REAL ID system. Read more here. Here's the state by state breakdown regarding anti-Real-ID legislation. Real-ID is pointless. (I think the ACLU has this one right).

Oh and last but not least: Barack Obama’s foreign policy adviser, Richard Danzig, endorsed Winnie the Pooh as a “fundamental text on national security” The new Obama logos are hysterical.