Monday, June 16, 2008

What's The Purpose Of Federal Government?

I got into a little email exchange with the head of a local group that is "promoting democracy". What this group really is, is a group promoting a Progressive Democrat agenda. They are using the hook of telling people to come to their meeting to "Become informed on campaign finance reform, universal health care, election integrity, peace activism, the environment, and energy conservation"

What they are really promoting is that government is supposed to provide you "with stuff". Their notion is that since the government provides public libraries and paved roads, police and firemen, and public education, which they claim are socialist institutions, then government should also provide other socialist types of programs. They believe that the government should provide everything for its people according to humanistic values.

Progressive Democrats are Socialists/Marxists. They are big into income redistribution and bigger government. They are the "Nanny Statists" who want the government to make all of the rules of how you are to live your life. They are promoting the "carbon credit mentality" to promote income redistribution and punish industrialization. They are the folks who have hi-jacked the Democrat party in this nation and have an agenda to tax us more and make everyone as dependent on the government as possible. Sen. Barack Obama is now their standard bearer as we go into the general election. Don't get me wrong, there are some statists in the Republican party as well. Government control has it's appeal to both sides of the aisle.

With regard to the notions of Nanny Statists, Texas Congressman Ron Paul wrote this:
The big government nanny-state is based on the assumption that free markets can't provide the maximum good for the largest number of people. It assumes people are not smart or responsible enough to take care of themselves, and thus their needs must be filled through the government's forcible redistribution of wealth. Our system of intervention assumes that politicians and bureaucrats have superior knowledge, and are endowed with certain talents that produce efficiency. These assumptions don't seem to hold much water, of course, when we look at agencies like FEMA. Still, we expect the government to manage monetary and economic policy, the medical system, and the educational system, and then wonder why we have problems with the cost and efficiency of all these programs.
Government should not interfere in functions that can be better handled by individuals or businesses or organizations. It is not the government's place to legislate common sense or virtue either. It should protect us from those who have little common sense or virtue by punishing those who murder or steal or swindle. By the way - I am not anti-government - I just want government to do what it is was intended to do and I believe it has grown to be too big and too intrusive.

But let's think a moment. What IS the function of government? Is it there to collect taxes so they can redistribute money and "give us free stuff"? No.

The 4 principal reasons why our federal government was formed:
"(1) The common defense (national security);
(2) the preservation of public peace, as well against internal convulsions as external attacks;
(3) the regulation of commerce with other nations and between states;
(4) the superintendent of our intercourse, political and commercial, with foreign countries (foreign affairs)." - Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper No.23, 1787 - a founding father with most important interpretation of the Constitution.

Consider that when you are looking to elect the next president or congressman. If they are promising you "free stuff" chances are it really isn't free at all, in fact it'll most likely limit your freedom and take from you the money and resources that you have worked so hard to earn.