Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Name Your Baby Talula Does The Hula

What is it with some people? They give their kids crazy names and expect them to have a normal life?

This story came out today about a New Zealand Judge that thankfully allowed this 9 year old kid from Hawaii to change her name.

Judge Rob Murfitt made the 9-year-old girl a ward of the court so that her name could be changed, he said in a ruling made public Thursday. The girl was involved in a custody battle, he said. The new name was not made public to protect the girl's privacy.

"The court is profoundly concerned about the very poor judgment which this child's parents have shown in choosing this name," he wrote. "It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap, unnecessarily."

The girl had been so embarrassed at the name that she had never told her closest friends what it was. She told people to call her "K" instead, the girl's lawyer, Colleen MacLeod, told the court.

In his ruling, Murfitt cited a list of the unfortunate names.

Registration officials blocked some names, including Fish and Chips, Yeah Detroit, Keenan Got Lucy and Sex Fruit, he said. But others were allowed, including Number 16 Bus Shelter "and tragically, Violence," he said.

New Zealand law does not allow names that would cause offense to a reasonable person, among other conditions, said Brian Clarke, the registrar general of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Clarke said officials usually talked to parents who proposed unusual names to convince them about the potential for embarrassment.

Honestly, anyone wanting to name their kid Fish and Chips or Sex Fruit is sadly disturbed. I am all for raising your kids the way you want to, but really unconventional names for any child can probably border on child abuse.

I am sure you recall Johnny Cash's song "A Boy Named Sue"

I have to admit I have known some people which provided smirks among friends and taunts from others.

One girl I knew was Candy Kane.
Another guy I knew was Dusty Rhoades.
Then there were the twin girls Katherine and Kathleen so her mom could just say Kathy and get it right (they were identical twins)
Of course I also knew an April May June

sigh... I am sure you've known some interesting names yourself.

You have to admit though that Tulula Does The Hula takes the cake.