Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FISA Bill To Be Voted On In US Senate Today - Can You See What Is Before Us?

Today, July 8th, the Senate will consider an unconstitutional FISA bill that will let lawbreaking phone companies off the hook. These companies handed over huge amounts of information to the government, representing potentially millions of emails and phone calls and more, without getting a warrant. This bill would prevent any telecom company from being prosecuted against the trampling of our 4th amendment rights. Sure, the average person doesn't have anything to hide, but that does not mean we should give the ability of the government to listen in on our conversations and read our mail! Private information can and will be misused, you can take that to the bank!

Without enough public outcry, the Senate will let these telecommunication companies get away with this and allow our government and future presidents and their administrations to keep spying on Americans without getting a warrant.

Warrantless wiretapping is illegal and should remain illegal. They also represent nothing more than government sanctioned fishing expeditions.

How did your House representative vote on this bill back in June?

Now the bill is up for a vote in the US Senate today...
Please know that Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, will be introducing an amendment to H.R. 6304, that will put at least some constitutionally protective provisions back into the FISA process. Specter is well acquainted with the Constitution and has spent many years as an influential member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Please call Senator Arlen Specter's Office at 202-224-4254 and thank him for offering his announced constitutionally oriented amendment to H.R. 6304 and then Please call your Senator today and ask that they support Spector's Constitutionally oriented amendment to H.R. 6304, or vote against this FISA bill.

For the record: John McCain supports this bill and Barack Obama pretty much said he will support this bill for warrantless wiretaps as well (which for Obama is a clear flip-flop of his previous position on this bill)

There are some interesting comments made by the Philadelphia Independent Media
Perhaps Rep. Jay Inslee says it best, “This bill says if the telecommunication companies violated America’s privacy, willfully, knowingly, knowing it was illegal, we are giving them immunity. Where is the excuse for that?” This piece of legislation seems to set another dangerous precedent; does every company that knowingly commits a crime get retroactive immunity? And what about We-the-people? Do we get retroactive immunity from our wrongdoing?

This law virtually neuters the legislative and judicial branches of our government, giving almost dictatorial powers to the Executive branch, chipping away even more of our longstanding checks and balances. When will it stop? When will the people understand that much more of this will leave us with NO rights at all? I must ask the question, for whom is this administration, and Congress, setting up a dictatorship?

As if HR 6304 was not bad enough, it is actually just the last bill in a long line of abusive governmental rhetoric aimed at forcing US Citizens into giving up something that cannot be given, our unalienable rights! The newly released film, Washington, You’re Fired, provides a summary of the past seven years of heinous legislation handed to an out-of-control Administration by a Congress that cannot abide by its Oath of Office. This documentary is creating a revolution in the legislation information arena by proving to be an excellent tool for a quick non-partisan political education.

November is coming and not only do we elect a new President, but ALL the seats in the House of Representatives are up for re-election. All of them. It is time to send a clear message to our Representatives that we will no longer take their rabid abuse. It is time, as Senator Obama has stated, for change. I am quite sure, however, that the change of which I am thinking has NOTHING to do with his idea. We need to take a good, hard look of the members of the House of Representatives. Those found lacking should be shown the door, post haste! We have no more time to wait for someone to take a stand there. While we wait, the current administration is getting away with murder, literally and figuratively. It is time for this travesty to stop!
In this upcoming election in November - vote for people who will uphold our Constitutional rights. The two main party labels are virtually meaningless. And in fact in this so-called Two-Party system you now have a choice between a Progressive/Socialist Democrat (Obama) and a Republican In Name Only (McCain). McCain has been more liberal than Conservative, stood for amnesty for illegal aliens (McCain Kennedy), global warming legislation (McCain Lieberman), and loss of freedom of speech (McCain Feingold) as well as other horrible bills. These two men are awful choices for this country! One will move us much much closer to Socialism and levels of taxation that will be destructive to this nation, and the other will continue to meddle in foreign affairs and continue previous policies which have been failures. Both do not address monetary policy at all, which has been the crux of a falling dollar and higher prices on everything. You also cannot believe anything Obama says as he tries to come to "the Center" as a move to appeal to moderate voters. Hope and Change has really become the usual Smoke and Mirrors.

People in this country are all under the illusion that you have to vote for a Democrat or a Republican in order for your vote "to count" - the problem is that neither party has done anything to protect our rights - instead they have passed numerous bills which have eroded our rights in the name of "safety" . Think about it:
"The USA PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the John Warner Defense Act have been an assault on the U.S. Constitution and have weakened the liberties that Americans once thought they could never lose. The loss of Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus, coupled with a new definition of “torture” are just the tip of the Orwellian iceberg. If enacted, HR 1955 (S. 1959) will for the first time put “thought crime” laws on the books, robbing citizens of their right to freedom of conscience thought. " - Washington You're Fired
Perhaps we need to start looking to third party candidates and stop voting for the "lesser of two evils"... because the lesser of two evils is still evil. More importantly, we also really need to elect people to Congress who are committed to restoring the Constitution and our rights.