Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Plan For CT House Employees To Stay Home

CT House Rules
has a great post about a terrific idea being floated by Rep. Larry Cafero and "the Fighting 44"


“We want to make Connecticut and its government ‘Leaner and Greener’ with a test program to allow staff to work from home one day a week,” said House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr. of Norwalk. Four-day work weeks should also be considered, he said.
These House Republicans are really thinking out of the box, and it is extremely refreshing. It is more and more apparent that Republican House members really care about the issues that affect CT residents and how to save time and money and create efficiencies. This is the kind of thinking that we desperately need in our legislature. Kudos to Rep. Cafero and his forward thinking crew.

Here's some thoughts about the plan:
* House Republican staff members could telecommute one day per week, ensuring that all their legislative responsibilities are covered;
* Staff would use laptop computers that are already available to communicate easily with the Legislative Office Building;
* Because the telecommuting would be staggered throughout the office, no disruption of service for constituents or anyone else who contacts the offices would take place;
* Similar programs have been tried in other states such as Arizona where state workers have converted 181,000 hours of commuting time into productive working hours and reduced air pollution by 175,000 pounds;
* A 2007 national study by the Consumer Electronics Association estimated that telecommuting saves enough energy in the traditional workplace to power one million households for a year. The same study determined that 3.9 million telecommuters saved 840 million gallons of gas.
* Telecommute Connecticut estimates that employees who telecommute save an estimated $1,200 annually on gasoline.

Now, perhaps in November we can just get a bunch of the House Democrats to stay home entirely (big grin).

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