Monday, August 11, 2008

Full Time CT Legislature? How Can More Of A Bad Thing Be Better For CT?

The Courant ran an editorial regarding the question of a full time legislature and how we have had a need to keep coming back for special sessions.

You know I might entertain the idea of a full time legislature if the CT Legislature were actually doing good things for CT. So far, they have:

1. Made us one of the highest taxed states in the nation,
2. Produced a totally unfriendly business environment,
3. Chased our kids out of the state,
4. Chased doctors out of the state,
5. Chased rich people out of the state,
6. Worsened our ability to produce energy,
7. Continue to create dependency on government,
8. Expanded government programs,
9. Failed to police themselves and create REAL ethics reforms,
10. Pandered to their special interests.
and much, much more.

And we need these people for what? full time now? Why? Because these people can't seem to get their work done in the 3 or 5 months they have in each session because they are spending time foolishly on exonerating witches and what the state cookie should be, instead of addressing gas taxes and other issues of priority? Give me a break!

Have you ever watched these sessions on CT-N/TV to see how much time is wasted on congratulating this one and that one - and making introductions and points of personal privilege? Have you ever watched them address some of the moronic bills that are brought up through committee to satisfy special interests, while other more important legislation is left to languish and die in committee mostly because they are afraid to take a vote on it and actually take a position on an issue?

They have only been pulling themselves into special sessions because
A. They didn't do their work when they were supposed to.
B. This is their way of trying to make us think that they are needed full time.

Special sessions are for emergencies - and shouldn't be used because these people failed to take care of business and priorities in the first place. The fact of the matter is that because they did not take care of priority issues they have created the emergencies that they have to go back to special session to address!

Honestly, these people could be in session all year long and still waste the time given to them. Let them prove that they can use their session time wisely and produce some really good results for this state and then we'll think about allowing them to legislate full time. Until then, why would we want more of a very poor performing enterprise?

We don't need a full time legislature - what we need to do is to replace the people who have been up there wasting the publics time and money.

November is coming baby - and that will be your chance to do that. In addition, we can vote for a Constitutional Convention that can bring us Initiative and Referendum so that we the people can do the job that our legislators are failing to do for us.

One last thought: Just remember this - we have a full time Congress in Washington and just look at the wonderful things they have produced for us.......