Sunday, August 3, 2008

US Energy Policy

Here is an interesting email that has been making the rounds....

The American energy policy:

ANWR Exploration
House Republicans:91%Supported
House Democrats: 86% Opposed

House Republicans: 97% Supported
House Democrats: 78% Opposed

Oil Shale Exploration
House Republicans: 90% Supported
House Democrats: 86% Opposed

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Exploration
House Republicans: 81% Supported
House Democrats: 83% Opposed

Refinery Increased Capacity
House Republicans: 97% Supported
House Democrats: 96% Opposed


91% of House Republicans have historically voted to increase the
production of American-made oil and gas.

86% of House Democrats have historically voted against increasing the
of American-made oil and gas.

How much did you pay for gas TODAY??
Why are you blaming President Bush and the Republicans??

The problem we have in this country is supply - we obviously need to produce more oil and also create a more diverse portfolio of energy that includes air, wind, hydro, fuel cell, solar and nuclear power.

Enough talk - let's do it already.

(H/T Jerry N.)


Anonymous said...

Supply, yes, but dependency is a worse problem. We don't have enough oil off shore or in our reserves to satisfy our gluttonous usage. We need a TRUE energy policy- one that lets us cut dependence on rogue nations by using what we have more wisely, finding alternatives (before the Chinese leave us behind AGAIN. When you overspend do you borrow more money? Or try to cut back? We have overspent fuel for too long. The supply in the EARTH is not infinite, unlike our appetites. Drilling offshore and tapping the reserves will serve only politics, and will just mask the problem. It's like a band-aid on a hemmorhage.

Judy Aron said...

The supply of fossil fuels is not infinite which is why we should use solar- wind - hydro and other forms of renewable energy: then we can use as much as we want.

I am for conservation, but our economies depend on energy and if you cut the usage you ultimately cut our productivity - unless that is - you wish to go back to horse and buggy and candle light.

I don't see our usage as "gluttonous" per se. We are an energy dependent Super Power - we got that way because of the technology and the energy it requires - not because we continue to live like the Amish or like Colonials. If you want to live like they do in third world countries with no food produced by machinery and no electricity to heat or cool your home be my guest. If people want to drive SUV's more power to them as long as they can pay for the energy to run them, who cares.

As for drilling offshore and anywhere else - we need that in the short term while we transition to other technologies - and if the resources remain in the ground then prices will surely rise - less supply equals higher prices - it's simple economics.

I want to see developed those energy sources that are already plentiful in nature. The supply of solar, wind and hydro power is indeed infinite. If they aren't then we got a much bigger problem then just heating our homes.