Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome Mat Put Out For Illegal Aliens In Hartford, CT

Hartford's City Council voted unanimously to make Hartford a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

While crime is rampant and children are being shot in their strollers, the best that the City Council can come up with is to invite illegal aliens to come to Hartford and have all of their social services paid for by CT taxpayers who continually pour more money into Hartford's treasury. Somehow these elected officials think this action is going to benefit the city, and propel it into being a premier place to live and work.

Heres the Courant's report:
The city council staked its ground Monday in the immigration debate, unanimously approving an ordinance that bars police from inquiring about immigration status.

The ordinance, if signed by Mayor Eddie Perez, would prevent police from arresting or detaining anyone solely because immigration authorities had issued an administrative warrant for them, which is a civil matter.

The ordinance also prohibits other city employees from asking anyone seeking services about their immigration status.
The article goes on to state that Councilman Pedro E. Segarra called the decision "bold and courageous" and that he was impressed by the dozens of people in the city who spoke in favor of the proposal at a public hearing last month, which apparently faced no opposition.

"Bold and courageous"? He's got to be joking. Illegal and stupid is more like it. He and his Council colleagues are in fact condoning illegal behavior. This is NOT going to benefit the city in any way and in fact is an invitation to more problems .
Segarra said he did not support illegal immigration, but had to respond to the needs of people living in the city. He said that opponents who contacted him since the proposal received media attention lived in the suburbs or as far away as Texas.

"My responsibility as a council person is to the residents of Hartford," he said. "I'm not responsible for securing our borders. I'm not responsible for issuing visas."
If Segarra really wants to respond to the needs of people living in the city he ought to get rid of the people who are breaking the law and draining money out of Hartford's already strained social services system. While he is not directly responsible for securing our borders or issuing visa, he certainly IS responsible to see that the law is upheld and that the city co-operates with federal authorities. That goes for his City Council colleagues, and the Mayor, as well.
Although Perez has said he supports the concept behind the ordinance, it is not clear whether he will sign it.

He has maintained that an order issued by Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts in March that said city police would not make immigration arrests unless there was also a criminal investigation was adequate.

In a letter to the council Monday, Perez expressed concern about "codifying standards for internal police matters in the city code."

Councilman Luis Cotto, who introduced the ordinance, said it was important to pass it so illegal immigrants could be confident they can cooperate with police in criminal investigations without fear of being deported.

Gerry Pleasent, a retired Hartford deputy police chief, opposed the ordinance, saying it was tantamount to usurping the role of the federal government.

"We cannot have each city running around implementing its own immigration ordinance," he said.
A note to Governor Rell and Federal authorities:

I think that if this ordinance goes forward that Hartford should not receive a dime of federal or state funding for aiding and abetting those who choose to break federal law regarding illegal immigration. The State and Federal government should cease funding cities who choose to provide sanctuary to illegal aliens. Period.

Enough of this lunacy

Hartford doesn't need to be like New Haven and they do not need illegal aliens - they need to address the crime and other pressing issues facing the city - they need to clean up their crime and corruption and they need to make it a city that is inviting to law abiding people who will want to live, work, and play in our State's capital.