Friday, September 12, 2008

Double Standard Journalism

It never ceases to amaze me how the press will practically do a colonoscopy of some candidates and just check the heartbeat of another. Others don't even get in to see the doctor. Then when candidates do speak, their words are promptly taken out of context and broadcast ad nauseum.

I saw parts of the Columbia University interviews with Obama and McCain. Yawn. Community organizer, mayor..... ugh.... can they ask something meaningful for a change?

I also saw the obnoxious Charlie Gibson interview with Sarah Palin, and couldn't keep thinking how he was giving her and extra stern grilling and trying to intimidate her, and couldn't recall Joe Biden being called to task as fiercely. I'd love to see Gibson give as tough an interview with Biden. Ask Joe some questions about God's plan or energy independence and perhaps he'd be a tad uncomfortable. They don't ask him about his below average college career or his membership in the alfalfa club. They don't ask him how someone so entrenched in Washington politics could ever hope to "Change" anything there. Biden has been given a pass; a huge pass. Yet, Palin is being dissected like a biology assignment. And we all know it's because she is a woman, and a Republican woman at that.

What is it with the media? Do they think they are really doing a good job? What they have been engaged in regarding "reporting the story" has been a gross disservice to this country and to this election. They are so pre-occupied with playing "Gotcha" that they are not asking any real questions. The American people are sick of the diversions about lipstick and challenges about experience or what community service means. We want to know what these candidates are bringing to the table and how it is going to affect our pocketbooks and our sons and daughters who serve this country. We want to know if we'll be able to afford our retirement. We want to know how these candidates will keep government out of our lives and whether or not they will restore our rights and freedoms. Do the candidates support REALID? Do they want continued spying on Americans? Do they condone the continued invasion on our borders of illegal aliens? Do they think current cabinet posts are justified? Do they think government is too big and costly? What is their plan to prevent further financial crisis in this country as the airlines and car manufacturers prepare to follow the path of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Where are the real questions?

And where oh where are third party candidates? Yes, we have them. They are being wholly kept out of the public view on purpose. The press would hate to give you other choices in this very close race for fear that those third party candidates will take voters away from the two main flavors. That is a shame and a true destruction of what's left of any pretense of choice in this election.

The media is so intent on destroying certain candidates and bolstering others, that they have forgotten that their real job is to give us the information and views of ALL candidates so that the public can decide for themselves in November.

Oh. pardon me I forgot ... we cannot decide for ourselves anymore. The media has made it their purpose to tell us what to think.

Everyone thinks that things will "Change" - that these candidates bring "Change". But as long as candidates have to dance around and recognize what the media can and will do to them with any comment they make, we will never get straight answers and we will never see change. We will only continue to see "doublespeak" and we will continue to see"flip flops" and we will continue to see business as usual.

The best thing that can happen would be to get rid of these cable commentators and pundits who are busy playing "Gotcha" and telling you and me what they think candidates have said or believe, and who tell you and me what we should think of these people.

On this point I agree with Barack Hussein Obama ..."Enough is enough"
The American people deserve better than this.

Can we please have some real balanced reporting and honest journalism? Don't they teach that anymore? And if not, isn't it obvious why people don't run for office? No one likes to be slimed, nor do they desire a public colonoscopy.