Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Governor Rell Says NO Taxes To Cure Projected Deficit

Let me be crystal clear: I will not allow Connecticut to tax its way out of this year’s budget deficit” - CT Governor, Jodi Rell

"We are facing a budget deficit of about $150 million and we simply cannot afford to spend money we do not have”- CT Governor, Jodi Rell

Do you think a Democrat controlled Assembly will cut spending? Will they listen?

Perhaps CT's voters ought to seriously contemplate what incumbents have foisted upon this state. We have the highest taxes in the nation, the most bonded debt, and worst of all they have neglected to address many many important issues ranging from eminent domain abuse to binding arbitration reform to giving us meaningful tax relief. Our state is business unfriendly and we have an enormous exodus of young people who cannot find jobs or afford to live here.

If this legislature were doing their job in the past bunch of sessions, people wouldn't be looking to have a Constitutional Convention as a vehicle to become an Initiative and Referendum state. Of course the ultimate Initiative and Referendum is to vote the ineffective incumbent people out of office and try a bunch of fresh new faces who have new ideas. Forget the national elections, I say Change starts at home.

Anyway, back to the Governor's statement:
... The Governor called on the Appropriations and Finance, Revenue & Bonding committees to hold a public meeting to hear from her budget chief and the head of the state’s tax-collecting agency so that all legislators understand the situation.

Earlier this year, Governor Rell ordered about $140 million in budget cuts, called rescissions, for state agencies. Despite those cuts, her budget agency – the Office of Policy and Management – currently projects a General Fund deficit of $145.7 million.

“All of our surrounding states (and 32 states across the nation) are in similar peril,” Governor Rell told legislators. “ Rhode Island is $430 million in the red and has eliminated health coverage for 1,000 low-income parents. Massachusetts has a $1.2 billion hole and has increased taxes by $466 million. New York faces a deficit of nearly $5 billion, prompting tax increases of $757 million and fee increases of $254 million.

“Let me be crystal clear: I will not allow Connecticut to tax its way out of this year’s budget deficit,” the Governor said. “I will continue the hiring freeze, the out-of-state travel ban and the other cost-saving measures I have implemented. And I will order further rescissions in the coming weeks to make additional spending cuts at state agencies....

Governor Rell noted that OPM currently expects personal income tax collections to be $56.4 million below projections. Sales tax revenue is expected to be down $81.5 million. Corporation tax and real estate tax collections are likely to be down $78.9 million and $63.2 million, respectively, while revenue from the tribal casinos is projected to be $37.6 million less than originally anticipated.

The Governor wrote to the leadership of both Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate. Similar letters were sent to the chairs and ranking members of both the Appropriations and Finance, Revenue and Bonding committees.
So, the Governor is requesting that committee member "get schooled" by her budget chief and the head of the state’s tax-collecting agency so that all legislators understand the situation. As if the people on these committees, and supposedly representing their constituents, aren't aware of the havoc they have created with all of the spending they have been engaged in past sessions.

Reasons to vote out incumbent tax and spenders (cited from CT House Republicans):
- CT is one of only 4 states in the nation that fully taxes pensions.
- CT pays the highest federal, state, and local taxes per capita in the nation
- CT has the latest "Tax Freedom Day" - You get to start working for yourself on May 8th!
- CT has the highest gas tax in the nation
- CT has been rated by Expansion Management Magazine as the LEAST business friendly state in the nation
- CT is rated by Entrepreneur Magazine as the 3rd worst state in the nation to do business in and rated dead last in the country for business growth
- CT was rated by Milken Institute as the 5th costliest state in the nation to do business
- CT is losing population and has the fastest loss of 18-34 year olds in the country (brain drain)

We need change all right.
And we need a Governor who will truly draw a line in the sand and say "NO" to more taxes and "YES" to less spending and smaller government.

Think about it when you go to vote in November. Look at the voting records of the incumbents.
Don't vote party - vote for results.

Your local Republicans are NOT George Bush. They are NOT Barack Obama or John McCain either.

Your local State Senators and Representatives will determine how successful we will be in the coming recession. We cannot keep initiating the same tax, borrow and spend policies.

Governor Rell should be applauded for her statements, but let's see some real results.

The rest of us are all looking at our home budgets and cutting back our spending... government absolutely should be doing the same.