Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Note To Joe Biden - Look And Think Before You Speak

Good grief... the human gaffe machine strikes again:
Joe Biden urges Chuck Graham, a wheel chair bound state senator from Green Meadows,Missouri, to "stand up, let 'em see ya".

Biden then says, "I'm new"
It might be helpful if he actually took a moment to observe, and think before opening his mouth.

Then he suggests that Governor Palin's vice presidency is a "step back for women".

Seeing as the Democrats don't have a woman on their ticket, and how they have smacked down the Pantsuit Princess into being a mere Obama cheerleader, I can't imagine how Palin could be a "step back for women". Oh wait - right... it's because Palin is a gun toting - God fearing - anti-infanticide - small town - non-Ivy League - Conservative. Oh, and of course the likes of Socialist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is NOT a "step back for women". The double standard is remarkable.

I certainly do not subscribe to all of the policies of this past Republican administration - but for what it is worth they have put many women and minorities in high ranking positions - and now with a woman on their ticket they are fast garnering more support, according to the pollsters. Whether you approve of the Republicans or not, they have picked a well-spoken and assertive vice presidential candidate that many American women (and men) can identify with. The Democrats just picked a guy who has been in Congress forever and cannot seem to say anything without sticking his foot in his mouth.

Good thing Biden is so incredibly insignificant in this race.
I can't wait for Palin to clean his clock in the debates.

Speaking of debates... where oh where are the third party candidates to be seen? Will we see them at all? It's doubtful and shameful. (Blogpost on THAT will be forthcoming)