Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Must Be Killing Hillary

The fact that Sarah Palin has achieved a vice presidential nomination; something that Hillary Clinton could not get, must absolutely be killing Hillary (and Bill too).

I mean, just think about it - Hillary desperately tried to get the presidential nomination for her party, and could not even get herself tapped to be a vice presidential nominee in the party that claims to be the bastion of women's rights and crushers of glass ceilings. Hah! They treated Hillary like a throwaway - used her like a kleenex and tossed her to the curb, and now to add insult to injury she has to parade around and act like she adores "the anointed One" - Obama. What more humiliation could the Democrats think of for Hillary? I feel sort of bad for her and I don't even like the woman! Her husband cheated on her and her own party kicks her to the curb! She gave the best years of her life to both of them. She really must be fuming on the inside.

In comparing these two high profile political women, Palin outshines Hillary in so many ways. It isn't even because Palin can field dress a moose, or drives her own car to work, or even has more visual appeal; but rather that she gives the sense of being a more genuine person. Palin seems more likeable. Hillary always had this aura of vindictiveness and one might get the sense that she'd trample you to get to where she wanted to be. Her ambition and sense of entitlement is (and always has been) what is most unappealing to me, aside from her ardent Socialist ideology.

I watched Palin's speech. It was well delivered, with poise and confidence. One thing I was really glad to see was that Sarah Palin did not come out on stage wearing a pants suit. She obviously doesn't have to "wear the pants" to let people know that she can be in charge. I enjoyed the speech she gave at the RNC Convention. I wish she were running for president! I really cannot stomach McCain. And while Palin may have made mistakes along the way, she still has accomplished much for her state and enjoys an 80% approval rating as Governor of Alaska. That's no small task.

One thing that I like about Palin is her "down to Earth-ness". She really does seem to represent the everyday person. She appears to be in touch with the working class, and families who face challenges. She shows that no family is perfect, although we strive to be. She is a stark difference from her Democrat opposition which is seemingly arrogant and snobbish and who try to adopt the trappings of an office that they haven't even been elected to.

As for Senator Biden, he WILL have a formidable opponent; one that is intelligent and won't be intimidated and certainly won't take any guff.

I am sure we'll all hear how horrible Sarah Palin is in the coming weeks as the Democrats go into "shark and piranha feeding frenzy mode" to attempt to tear Palin apart, but the fact of the matter is that she is in a place right now that the Democrats could not even bestow upon their very own Hillary Clinton. That really must be a harsh blow for Hillary to deal with, even as she waits for 2012 and beyond.