Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Reason To Homeschool - Youth Political Indoctrination

The recent videos coming out with "Obama Youth" are getting pretty scary - including this one with kids wearing paramilitary uniforms and behaving like robots and claiming they would be pretty much nothing without Obama:

For these kids to say.."because of Obama, I ...........", is disturbing, as if these kids can't become anything or achieve anything without "Obama". How about their parents? Haven't their parents inspired them to become anything or to achieve anything? How about their community's religious leaders? Haven't they inspired these kids to become anything or to achieve anything?

One commenter of this video said:
"When you combine this video, with the one with Children chanting, "Yes we can, can, can. Yes we can, can, can" with a backdrop of a messianic Obama symbol, the ideology is strikingly similar to that found in communist/socialist nations. This is just plain wrong. Pure indoctrination. If I were running for president, I would be abhorred by this kind of idolatry on my behalf - Obama just soaks it up, like a holy sponge."
Here is the other "Obama Youth" video that surfaced early last week:

The video above illustrates the best case for Private and home schools ever seen in this country. Here we have innocent children (complete with hand gestures), who I will wager don't even know much about Barack Obama or his Socialist policies, singing his praises and parroting sound bytes of "Change and Hope". They are being used as a political tool, and placing themselves in the spotlight, clearly at the delight of their parents and teachers. (yes, I know this was done "out of school")

How are these kids any different from these:

or these:

or this, or this?

Isn't brainwashing also a form of child abuse?
These kids are exemplifying the "sheeple" mentality that we see being proliferated in our education system. Nevermind if the kids coming out of public education cannot do math or read... we ought to be very concerned about their willingness to follow.