Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book Burning Is So Yesterday

In the past we had government book burning - today's world offers us Mandatory Internet filtering by the government.

And of course it is all to protect citizens from pornography and other "undesirable sites"...
oh Really.....

Australia has apparently fallen to Chinese tactics and policies... is the United States far behind?

Well consider the US government report that Social networking groups like Twitter are "havens for terrorists"...

Internet News reported:
The military intelligence paper is "not a serious intelligence analysis. It's more like a student exercise discussing a topic of hypothetical concern," Steven Aftergood, who directs the FAS's project on government secrecy, told
"Anything can be used by terrorists -- credit cards, laptops, hammers and nails, so to say that something could be used by terrorists doesn't really say anything at all," Aftergood added. "The other point is that communications technologies of any sort can be used to communicate and, if Twitter is not available, cell phones can be used, or instant messaging, or walkie talkies. So again the threat under discussion doesn't amount to a great deal."

Remember that the government just has your best interests at heart when they start censoring stuff.