Friday, October 24, 2008

CT Should Vote John Larson Out !

I went to the debate last night in West Hartford to hear John Larson and Joe Visconti debate (CT 1st Congressional district).

First off - shame on the League of Women Voters for excluding Green Party Candidate Stephen Fournier. I am not a Green party supporter, but every voice should be heard in the election process. The LWV has really become a farce when it comes to promoting Democracy. Their founders must be spinning in their graves.

Second - I got to "talk" to Congressman Larson after the debate, and all he had to say about this bailout situation was that it was everyone else's mistake. He was quick to blame the mess on the Republicans and the Bush administration. Meanwhile, he takes no part of the blame of this financial crisis upon himself and his buddies Chris "sweetheart mortgage deal" Dodd, and Barney Frank, who should have been keeping an eye on things. He said that since the Democrats have only been in power the past 18-20 months that they couldn't do much; that the problems had already been in place. (And where was he in the meantime before that?) He claims that he couldn't look at himself in the mirror if he hadn't bailed out Wall Street because it would have meant mass unemployment and frozen credit markets. Well, I have news for Congressman Larson, I don't know how he can look himself in the mirror by giving such sweeping authority and power to the Treasury Secretary who is now unaccountable for the way he will be handling this bailout money - furthermore this bailout bill was unconstitutional and Congressman Larson doesn't even know which part of the Constitution was violated!!... He asked me what part of the Constitution was violated... How about this for starters John:
There is no provision of the Constitution that permits or grants the Government of the United States of America the power to participate in commerce by giving or lending public funds and credit to a private party - even if such transaction results in an exchange for warrants, financial interest, and/or control of the private party, especially if such transaction is for a decidedly , definitively, private purpose.

Use of public taxpayer funds to prevent a corporate failure or to promote “Financial market stability” and /or “Stabilizing the credit markets” is a usurpation of the power of We the People; neither is an enumerated power.

Under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America, the People have given Congress the power, “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes,”

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America gives Congress the power to regulate commerce, not to participate in commerce, or to create markets or set market prices, as a giver or lender of public money and credit to private, for-profit entities.
Imagine that - a Congressman who doesn't understand the document that he took an oath to uphold. He probably didn't even read the bill he passed, except for the pork parts.

I told him I would not vote for anyone who voted for this bailout - including him, and that Dodd and Frank ought to be in jail. I hope all these guys get booted out of office. They are a disgrace to their office, and by their legislation even as far back as Clinton's time have perpetrated this financial mess. But what is worse is that they finger point and blame it on everyone else, leaving themselves conveniently out of the equation. Now they are calling for more regulation and more bailout money. Where was Larson and company when Freddie and Fannie needed to be regulated? Oh yeah, off in Iowa stumping for Dodd's bid for the presidency. Shame on them all!

Meanwhile, Larson has plans to spend even more taxpayer money: More bailouts and more social programs. Sorry John, we are broke.

Here is something for all to consider:


Anonymous said...

The Congressman also seems to have forgotten Article 1, Section 1 which states "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States..." The Constitution does not give Congress the authority to delegate that authority to other people or bodies, for the reason that those people or bodies are not elected.

Also, the bill was unconstitutional because it was a spending bill, and yet it did not originate in the house. Yes, the house voted on the first bailout bill that failed. Then a new bill was raised in the Senate, yet labeled with a house bill number. The Senate voted yes. It went to the House, which then voted yes on the new bill. As a result, the bill should be considered invalid since it was not produced in a constitutional manner.

Joe Visconti said...


I am sorry my campaign does not have the funding to get this message out. I did tell the public in last nights debate that the Constitution was being destroyed by this bailout. The Hartford Courant has refused to publish any of my press releases on so many issues and new policies I have brought out and it is so sad to read that they consider my 10 month grass roots campaign with so many volunteers working "Token" as they gave their endorsements to the Incumbents. When Journalism becomes tabloid and bought and paid for by the highest bidder we are finished as a country. Larson did not study the issue and is therefore voting in the dark, doing what he is told. The writings on the wall, this is scary stuff. Keep up the good fight!

Joe Visconti

mccommas said...

The League should rename their group the “League of Liberal Women Lobbyists”.

Consider that they would not include the Green party candidate in 2008 but they did include David Bingham in 1996. The difference? A vote for the Green party is a vote for the Republican in 2008. But a vote for Bingham in 1994 was a vote for Sam Gejdenson.

They are protecting their friends and allies.

In Mansfield the *nonpartisan* League is legend for setting up the Republicans – so much so the GOP often boycotts it.

This is a good read on the subject:

In League With Big Government
by John Berthoud