Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lawsuit Filed

From Bob Schulz:
As I begin to write this article, I am on the train from D.C. to the BWI airport, heading home, having filed yet another set of papers in the Supreme Court of the United States in defense of the Constitution. Once again, the Government is in the process of attempting to seize power from the People.

This time, regarding the A.I.G. and $700 Billion Wall Street bailout plans, I filed an emergency motion asking the U.S. Supreme Court to restrain the Government from giving or lending taxpayer funds or credit in exchange for private assets in aid of private corporations, unless and until the government defendants could show the Court where in the Constitution it provides that the People have agreed to share with the Government their power to purchase private assets such as "toxic" mortgage-related assets and non-toxic shares of bank stocks.

My argument is the People never gave that power to the Government and the Government has taken another step outside the boundaries We the People have drawn around its limited, enumerated powers.