Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stop The Bailout - Call Your Senator Today

The Senate is voting on this bailout bill today.
If you are opposed to the sweeping powers, without oversight, that will be given to our Treasury Secretary under this Socialist piece of legislation then you need to take action today.
There are other ways to infuse liquidity into Wall Street without putting the taxpayer on the hook for $700 Billion dollars of bad debt.
They could let the market work the way it should.
Government meddling has caused this problem.
More government meddling will not solve it.
There ARE other solutions to this problem and many expert economists have been expressing those alternatives. They do not involve taxpayer money and giving sweeping authority to our Treasury Secretary.

Call Your Senator Today

So far my calls have been answered by Sen Lieberman, but not Sen Dodd's office. (My State Senators). Sen. Dodd's office just gives a busy signal, not even voice mail!

I was also able to get through to Sen. Biden's office (202-224-5042)
Senator Obama's voice mailbox is full - his staff is not even answering the phone! (202-224-2854)
Senator McCain's office is also "not available" to answer. (202-224-2235)

So much for a response from our Presidential candidates!

But I will keep calling until I can get through.

The Capitol Switchboard is 202-224-3121.