Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Amerika Goes Socialist

So much for Hope and Change - which is exactly what the Castro Brothers ran on. They set up A National Security Force too.

The American Sheeple came out in droves to elect a Marxist who will, with the help of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and many other "advisers", rob individuals of wealth and "spread it around" while destroying the Middle Class. The goal is of course to make everyone more dependent on government.

In fairness though, it wasn't quite a landslide, and really in the long run there wasn't any huge differences between McCain and Obama - except that McCain was heavier on national defense and wasn't prone to voting "present" in Congress. They both voted for the bailout though. McCain's Campaign Finance reform became a real joke in the end.

Not only that - but the American people re-elected the same folks that brought us the Wall Street Bailout - and even added more of them into the mix! While they are busy raiding the treasury and figuring out ways to take more money out of your purse, they will also be telling you to continue shopping at the mall and buying items that you really cannot afford.

That being said - the Republicans were no better - and they deserve being ejected, because they really were no different the way they spent like drunken sailors and eroded our rights and trampled our Constitution. In the end we really had no choices, and the media made sure that we heard no other voices except Democrat and Republicans. Thankfully, I did not base my vote on what CNN or MSNBC or Fox or the Hartford Courant had to say.

It's such a shame really.
Here is what we can look forward to:
Look for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, the further expansion of government and social programs.
Look for the erosion of free speech through the implementation of "The Fairness Doctrine" and other more subtle forms of speech control including censorship of the Internet.
Look for more government intervention in your life and the government's invasion of your privacy.
Look for more government ownership of private business through government bailout programs etc.
Look for the erosion of private land ownership as more properties are taken through eminent domain.
Look for further destruction of our currency which will drive us to a global currency.
Look for the appointment of more liberal Supreme Court judges.
Look for more restrictive gun laws.
That and so much more.
It won't come all at once though...we'll just be treated to slowly boiled frog.

Yes, we will see change... but it won't be good change at all if you believe in the U.S. Constitution and sovereignty, and the dream that our founders gave to us which includes Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

By the way: Barack Obama is not my president as long as he does not produce a birth certificate proving he was born here, and if he doesn't produce all of the other documents such as baptismal certificate, school records, selective service registration etc. etc. that he has withheld from the American people.

Do you recall these two quotes?
"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within." - Josef Stalin
In 1962 Russian Premier Nikita Krushchev said,
"We can't expect the American people to jump from capitalism to Communism but we can assist their leaders by giving them small amounts of Socialism until they awaken one day to find out they have Communism." He also said that Communism would take over America "without firing a shot."
Looks as if Stalin and Krushchev were spot on.

I am not celebrating today - as this country was easily duped into electing a fraud and someone who will fundamentally change this country into a Socialist nation. Stalin, and others like him, would be proud. Not a gunshot had to be fired, even as we have soldiers in Iraq, and elsewhere, fighting to bring "Liberty" to other places. How ironic.

Meanwhile, don't despair - there are people who are still interested in preserving our Republic. I hope that if you are like minded that you will seek them out.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November....


Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting what has happened and writing exactly what I am feeling. The sheeple don't and for the first time in my long life, I am truly afraid for us all. This election is evidence of the success of dummied-down educational indoctrination, near complete control of the media, and intimidation or buying out of potential oponents. We just witnessed how few people in the USA understand economics, science, medicine, or history - they believe what they are told to think and willingly went along with the groupthink... right out of the blueprint that was Nazi Germany.

Peter G said...

I really have to laugh. On election day you preach "Please do justice to your right to vote: No matter who you end up voting for, just make an informed vote when you go to the polls today. " And when the American people do precisely that, and it doesn't turn out your way, then you announce that it's all a fraud and a sham.

I was prepared for the possibility that Barack Obama, for whom I voted, would lose. I actually thought it was quite possible. I didn't think that if he lost it would be because Americans were "sheeple" but because progressives had not done enough to convince the voters. And as discouraging as that would have been, I hope that I would have had the self-respect not to wake up this morning and start whining about how, once again, this is everyone else's fault that things didn't go my way.

But then, as a socialist I believe that I have personal responsibility to others. Apparently that is a hard concept for conservatives.

Judy Aron said...

Peter G: You really didn't get what I said did you?

You think America made an informed vote? I was at the polls all day yesterday and the people did not have a clue who they were voting for in presidential, congressional or local races. Sound bytes and buzz words were all they could absorb. The media did not even adequately cover local races and incumbent voting records. Most people didn't even research their choices, and many just voted party line. The people voted like sheep.

I don't believe that because the vote didn't go as I would have liked it sir... I believe it because most people didn't have a clue. Maybe you did - and as a progressive socialist you got what you wanted - bully for you!

It isn't merely about me not liking the way things turned out - just take a look at who was re-elected... the same Congress that had a 7% approval rating! The same CT legislature that people have been complaining about for their lack of addressing important issues. How is that change? It isn't. People voted in candidates with known records of unethical behavior and corruption. How is that a reflection of informed voters?

I was prepared for Obama to win... because the media was behind him.

I was also prepared for the people I supported to lose because many of them were either not given equal and fair press or they were not even given the chance to get their message out. Can you honestly say that third party candidates with a different message was heard by the people?

Personal responsibility to others? Let's just see how much has to mandatorily be taken away from you before you start to change your mind on that. I think we are a stronger nation when people are responsible for themselves and not made dependent on government. Charity is not a function of government. But then that is what makes me a Conservative. I believe people should be taught to fish instead of being given fish.

Relish your victory - but I submit that Barack Obama will not deliver a better America - just one that makes people more dependent on government. It will be a matter of time before the blush is off the rose and the honeymoon is over.

Shannon said...

Thank you for this excellent post. I am just sick today.

Anonymous said...

Despite having lived through personal trials such as unemployment and an uncertain personal future, things not going as I planned etc., this is the first time I have felt such an uncertain feeling about being an American and living in America. The fear I feel I cannot be put to words.

I feel our country is at a turning point and we may have just stopped being the greastest country in the world, the most free and so on. I truly feel we are morphing into a socialist country and we are going to lose our independence, that independence that this country was founded upon.

I am so afraid. I feel like I need an action plan of best steps to take to prepare myself for a possible depression. I don't quite know where to turn to best align myself for the least amount of future suffering.

And the scariest thing is some I know who have benefitted the most from fantastic years of good living and rising personal incomes are the ones who were chanting "we need change". What they have no clue about is they got what they wanted and got their candidate elected and they will see change that will harm them personally.

God help us all.

JoAnn said...

Wonderful post. I just hope we can get back on our feet financially in time to leave the country if we must.

homeskoolmoma45 said...

I can't find the article right now,but I found an article that really put my mind at ease...something along the lines of...Predictions for the election-
1.God is still in control
2.People will still get saved
3.I am sure of my salvation


Bob Swick said...

Great post. As an economist I am amazed that Americans voted for a person who has not contributed to our nation's productivity in his entire career and has very little grasp of economic capitalism. I even more amazed at the debacle they voted back into office in Hartford.

Blueberry said...

Excellent post Judy, thank you.

I didn't bother watching the speeches last night and went to bed early. I knew months ago (grieved and angry), that the media chose our president for us.

I agree with the above comment that this is a reflection of our educational system.

Now we get to see if the big O will deliver the "o" in UTOPIA, and at what cost to freedom.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the disappointment. I can understand the frustration that comes from believing that the best candidate didn't win. BUT. I sincerely hope that even though you fear for this country and you don't trust Barack Obama, you will indeed give him a chance. He is inheriting a mess - I don't think anyone will disagree with that. Is four years enough to dig us out? I don't know. But it's our duty as American citizens to give this elected official the chance to TRY. Just as our current president has been given the chance to try - twice. We may not always agree on the best path, but I believe that we all want America to prosper. Please; like him or not, mistake or not, he IS our next president and will be a better president for all of his constituents support.

Deb said...

Thank you for saying what I've wanted to, in such a clear and consise manner! you're spot on and I'm like so many of your other readers, not a happy camper today. Instead I'm watchfully waiting and hoping that what I fear is not going to come to pass.

Christy said...

Here 'ya go. Just giving you the benefit of the doubt, in case you missed this: Obama Birth Certificate Confirmed.

Lizzi said...

Probably the best post I've read all day (and I've been reading a lot!).

I'm specifically glad you brought up the birth certificate issue, because it has not, contrary to what christy posted above, been put to rest yet. What the state of Hawaii did, in fact, confirm is that they HAVE an official birth certificate - NOT that it confirms his citizenship and NOT that it is the same as what was posted on his website and American Right has much more on this and has done a very good job keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...

I am beyond disgusted that all these people without thinking of our nations security voted Obama in. People this is someone that had a security clearance denied on Aug. 20,2008. Most likely due to his radical associations etc. When we go for a job interview we have to show all kinds of background information. This man has shown us nothing and was denied security clearance that is important to the safety of our nation. He wants to bring down the military so we are vulnerable to other countries that are arming up as we speak and he wants to take away our rights to bear arms to defend ourselves and wants to destroy wall street. Its called destroying our infrastructure. No drilling also, wow then we can really be dependant on foreign nations. Everyone was too busy voting him in due to race then looking at the issues. It wasn't about race. There were even black panthers with nightsticks intimidating voters at a PA polling station. What is wrong with everyone? open your eyes. Well its too late now. He was saying today that he is working on figuring out what taxes he will impose first. What a complete disgrace to this country to vote someone in that actually hates America and the first lady even stated that she wasn't proud of this country till Barack Obama ran. Wow ! What a total disgrace to our soldiers too, VA didn't mail out the absentee ballots to our overseas soldiers till it was too late for them to vote. The GOP has filed a lawsuit in VA to fight to have them counted on Nov. 10th. Gee and election rules and regulations I guess were only for everyone else but democrats? Hmmm Hillary was campaigning with cameras filming inside a polling station in NY Gee I am disgusted where is the justice system? GOD BLESS AMERICA and I hope FREEDOM continues to Ring after this mess

Anonymous said...

As a thinking voter, one living overseas who was blissfully untainted by the media barrage you've been suffering for eighteen months or so, I chose a third-party candidate.

Of the two major party candidates, I am happy with the choice made by the majority. I will take socialism over theocracy any time. Every time. Spreading the wealth is much more compassionate than the greed and polarization of the classes we have seen all these years. How about all those uninformed one-issue voters? Pro-life, but willing to back a warmonger. The hypocrisy astounds.

Radical associations? Remember the Boston Tea Party? Our forefathers were radicals. Our Constitution gives us the right and responsibility to toss out tyrants. That's radical. And that's what happened to Bush and Co.

For those of you dissatisfied with the ungodly liberals, go pull a pilgrim. Find a new shore. Remember freedom of religion means freedom from religion as well. That's what our country was founded on.

Summer said...

"By the way: Barack Obama is not my president as long as he does not produce a birth certificate proving he was born here"

Ha! Hahahahahahaha!

Thank god you and your kind are a dying breed. I've never been more proud of my country than I am today. It's the first time in my adult life I haven't wistfully dreamt of leaving for somewhere where they honor freedom, equality, and justice for all. Yotu know, somewhere like canada.

Judy Aron said...

Oh a dying breed eh.. you mean people who respect the rule of law and expect the qualifications for president be met and adhered to?

So, go live in Canada.

Yes, you can be proud that a man was elected president who has yet to produce any documentation like his selective service registration, his college records, his sealed birth certificate...
gee.. asking for that .. what was I thinking?

Gotta wonder why he is so secretive about his past - but you know he has until December 31st to produce those documents.

Anonymous said...

Dec 1st is actually the deadline for Berg's writ.

By the way here is a quote from Obama's book: dreams of my fathers.
“As I was drifting out to sea on a journey knowing not where I was going but I knew it was a journey I had to undertake to find a mystery called Socialism, Communism, Christian Black Liberation Theology and Islam these ideals would qualify me to become the next president of the U.S. And I knew I had to loose something along the way, well I actually had to loose my birth certificate to be more precise”………..

cockingasnook said...

Using the Google isn't really that difficult.

And I think it is interesting that the "loose my birth certificate" quoter apparently thinks neither Obama nor his editors would know how to spell "lose."

Hey, maybe that's why he won! :)


Judy Aron said...

Nance - sorry - that's already been shown to be a fraud.. and I wouldn't trust anything posted at dailyKOS.

There is also a major difference between certificate of live birth and the actual birth certificate which has more information about the parents. The actual birth certificate has been sealed in Hawaii, and can only be unsealed by Obama - and he has refused to do this.

But, there is no arguing the issue with you.. the fact remains that documents are being withheld from the public. Obama has until Dec 1 to reply to Berg's writ.

cockingasnook said...

Riiight. The world is on the edge of its seat.

He won. He's going to be President. These conspiracy theory ideas do not help anyone.

And they certainly don't help homeschoolers.


Judy Aron said...

Nance - Who said this had anything to do with homeschoolers?
Oh, so let's divert the conversation why don't we. This isn't a homeschooler issue. Pardon me if I have a different opinion and belief than you do. My being a homeschooling parent has absolutely no relevance to this conversation. Last I heard "the leader" wasn't too big on homeschooling anyway. Perhaps you ought to be a bit more concerned on that front. In case you hadn't noticed, not all homeschoolers have to believe everything that you believe.

As far as conspiracy theories..marginalize this issue any way you wish - but the fact remains "the leader" has not produced his sealed birth certificate, only the COLB (which many have disputed as being fraudulent), and there IS question regarding his meeting the qualification of being natural born.

You may not agree with it or like it, but the lawsuits are there and Obama will have to answer to them.

Penthesilea said...

And how would everything be different if McCain had been elected? They are, for all intents and purposes, the same. The only thing Obama brings to the table is he speaks and thinks clearly unlike Bush and McCain. He's not going to embarrass us as much on the world stage.

I really do wonder where all of the McCain supporters would move if they left the U.S. I mean liberals have all kinds of places where they could live happily, but Iran is the only place that has the religious oppression and law and order ideals that the McCain/Bush supporters so cherish.

Judy Aron said...

penthesilia - McCain would have been just as bad.. both candidates were atrocious. So I am not in the category of Bush-McCain supporters.

I don't believe in Theocracy and I don't believe in Socialism. I believe government needs to get out of our lives and our homes and our bedrooms. I believe the rule of law ought to be adhered to and that judges have to stop legislating from the bench.

The sad fact is that there really is not much difference between the two parties at this point - except one pretends to want to end the war (so far they haven't even with a majority in Congress who could have cut off funding). They both spend too much and work to expand government control.

cockingasnook said...

I don't think it helps homeschoolers to be linked with these crazy conspiracy theories. That's what I think it has to do with hsing.


Judy Aron said...

Gee Nance - next time I have an opinion I guess I'll have to get your approval to see if it's "o.k. for homeschoolers".

Egads. Glad to see the homeschool thought police is out and about.

If it's any comfort to you - technically I stopped homeschooling my kids already - my oldest is 17 and studying on her own. So relax.

Crazy conspiracy theories indeed... we'll see. I take it you are fine with other homeschoolers who are hoarding food in anticipation of a bird flu pandemic...LOL

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed at all the accustions of Obama being a bad socialist. Aren't we already socialist in many ways? Police, Firefighters, Public School, The Bailout. Aren't these socialist things?
We need jobs. My husband and I both have lost our jobs. I think it would be great if the government started working on alternate fuel and we could get a job in order to feed our family. WE have two months of saving left, and then it's a street.
This is tough living with kids. I hope Obama can come up with an idea pretty soon.
But for many here to hate him and say all things are over, there is no helpfulness in that.
We are hopeful. The Last 8 years didn't look hopeful at all.
~~Mary and Stan

Anonymous said...

Generally I enjoy your acerbic commentary, but vitriol doesn't become you.

At the risk of offering the obvious, your blog is called "Consent of the Governed," who, I believe, have offered their consent. Yes, I'm aware that you live among dunderheads unqualified to cast votes. But why not provide us some enlightenment? You're fond of decrying "socialism." The word has a number of historically and culturally specific definitions, as you no doubt know. Which are you using to identify President-Elect Obama? Can you give us a clear and consistent definition with which to measure the "sheeple's" choice?

Miss Roxie said...

All I can say is, I will be watching, I will be paying attention. I really want to understand what happens and how.

MrsD/Jacque said...

I am with you Judy.
A friend of mine in England is beside herself with all the Obama-worshiping she is seeing all over the world. He is like a rock star, with people shaking and fainting, altars being built to him? Please.

America has been heading in the direction of Socialism for a long time, from both parties.
Third Party candidates did NOT get equal time(they never do), and the American people are the ones who will pay for that. Though I did not agree with all of their stands, there were several Third Party candidates who were for less government and, who don't, as you said, "I don't believe in Theocracy and I don't believe in Socialism. I believe government needs to get out of our lives and our homes and our bedrooms. I believe the rule of law ought to be adhered to and that judges have to stop legislating from the bench."

What is amazing to me is that many of the McCain/Palin supporters blame the Third Party voters. As if our votes would have stopped Obama's election. Not.

Anyway, I came over here looking for a post for the COH this next week and found this post. I just have to pretty much agree with you. :)

Have a great week!

TC said...

Glad to see you have the intellectual flexibility to change your views. Weren't you calling him a Nazi a few months back? Now he's a communist, apparently.